Book Review: Boy Swap by Kristina Springer

I went way out of my normal genre of the types of books I read. I normally stick to the action/adventure/never-happen-in-a-million-years type of books. Well, I read this book and it is clearly a young adult book, which I read plenty of YA books. The description of this book kind of got me and I was thinking maybe I should read something different than the norm and see how I like it. So, I downloaded this book, it was on a free thing on Amazon Kindle, so that was pretty awesome, and I gave it a try. I found this book to be funny, romantic, yet disappointing in some places.

Boy Swap is about just that. This group of extremely popular girls in high school start up this group called the Boy Swap Club, which is basically this made up thing where one chick gets to date whatever guy she wants to and it’s totally okay as long as you sign a contract and wear this wonderful pink scarf every day of the week. First off, all I could think is that I would never join a group like that in a million years because jealousy is not my strong point. But the main character, Brooke, joins and instantly hates the fact that her boyfriend is flirting with the preppy, popular girl who wants him.

The book goes on about Brooke dealing with the problems of having to share her boyfriend, a.k.a. the supposed love of her life, with another girl and he’s totally hiding his dates with the other girl which basically means he’s cheating on her. Brooke gets a little vindictive and goes for this other girl’s boyfriend only to have her “swap” attempt blow up in her face.

The ending was a little predictible, but it was nice, happy ending, and I can be a sucker for those. I love when the main character gets what they want, sometimes.

But, like I said, I went out of my normal genre of reading material, and found this YA-chick book to read. I’d recommend this book to teens and young adults whom I know would love reading about the drama of having a boyfriend that other girls are into. I thought this book was interesting and it did keep me hooked right from the beginning.

You can get a copy of Boy Swap by clicking the link below:

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