Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter 10

The captain’s quarters were less grimy and dinghy than the ship outside. There were burgundy colored curtains to cover the windows. They were stained and tattered, but they shielded the majority of the light from shining through. The dark sheets on the bed were perfectly made and the wooden frame had intricate carvings of mermaids on each post. Lit candles were spread about, creating an eerie glow throughout the room.

The door was locked behind Sam and she could hear someone standing guard on the other side. Her heart was pounding from sheer terror but also with a small amount of excitement. She had gotten herself captured by real life pirates, thrown into a strange man’s room to have God knows what done with her, and her friends might as well be dead. But, as she took in the strange items and knick-knacks in the room, she realized that might have been the only adventure she’d ever be on. Things like pirates never happened in her hometown of Hardwood. People never went missing or gotten kidnapped and nothing seriously bad ever happened. The town was boring and for a girl who longed for a good adventure, she found it hard not to enjoy some part of getting captured by pirates.

She ran her fingers through her hair, smoothing the frizz out of her face as she tiptoed through the room. There were torn cloth chairs sitting around a small table. They were so caked with dust she wondered if anyone had ever used them. Beside the window was a small bookshelf with four leather bound books. The pages were torn in places and she didn’t recognize the titles. Sam picked up the only book without a title and opened it halfway through. It appeared to be a diary written by a woman named Alyssa. She spoke of her life with the captain and how she adored him at one point in time. Sam fingered through the pages to the end. The last entry said how the girl was planning on leaving, then the pages were blank.

Sam put the book back on the shelf and spun around to face the small table and chairs. She didn’t notice the painting until that very moment, but she found it hard to take her eyes from ones looking back at her. The woman had the same wavy brown hair, the same eyes and nose, and the same face as Sam, but it was not Sam. She took a step closer to the painting until she stood inches from the canvas. She stared at her twin, mouth agape and eyes wide with wonder.

“That has always been my favorite portrait of you.” The captain’s voice filled her ears and she turned around with a start.
She hadn’t heard the door being opened or even his footsteps when he walked into the room. Her mind was focused on the woman in the painting and it didn’t allow her to notice anything else.

He passed her a small smile, “I didn’t mean to scare you, darling.”

“Wh..what do you want with me?” Sam stuttered with fear.

He took a step closer to her while she took one away from him, “I want what we had before I lost you.”

Sam shook her head, “But I’m not the person you think I am.” She glanced to the painting, “I’m not her.”

“That’s what you believe, but I know who you are and you are the only woman I have ever been able to love, Alissa.” He replied.

“I’m not Alissa, my name is Sam and there is no way on earth that I am this woman you claim I am.” Sam protested.

The captain moved closer to her, backing her against the wall until she bumped into it. She had nowhere else to go and no weapon to use in case he tried to harm her. He stood before her, staring into her beautiful green eyes and raised an eyebrow. They weren’t the same as the last time he saw them. There was a hint of brown to them and the woman he knew did not have that. Still, his mind told him that she was his Alissa. That she had come back to be with him. Maybe she forgot a few things, but he would teach her how to love him again.

“You want me to call you Sam?” he asked, gently.

She nodded, “That is my name.”

“Then I will call you whatever you’d like me to, love.”

Sam took a deep, calming breath, then asked, “What do I call you?”

“Flint Devilwood.” He replied. “That’s the name I was given.”

“Interesting name.” Sam stated.

He smiled at her and Sam realized he had no intention of hurting her. There was no anger burning in his eyes or rage flushing his cheeks. He was calm and caring. The kind of man that she wouldn’t have guessed to be a blood thirsty pirate.


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