The Last of the Trilogy

There is a lot of mixed emotions I am getting when it comes to writing the last book in my zombie/vampire trilogy. I’m excited to see the series ending and I’ll be elated when I’m finished writing the third book and can release it to the world. Writing this trilogy has been a labor of love and I am looking forward to the day I can release the third one. Also, I’m a bit sad about it. I spent about two and a half years so far writing these three books and I fell in love with the characters. I get sad when they do and I get pissed off right along side them. It’s a surreal moment, I think, for any author when they finish that last book in a series or whatever stand alone novel they have spent months upon months, pouring their heart and soul into every word on the page. I’m grateful to have gone through this experience and have gone through the some tough bouts of writer’s block and I’m sure I’ll go through several more spells of that before the third one is finished.

With that, I have an update about the third Human Race book. I came up with a title as I was writing a section and Bridget was going through a terrible time and trying to build herself back up so she can get through everything. So, I have chosen The Main Event as the title for this last installment in the zombie/vampire sage. I am up to 30,000 words so far and it is still going strong. It will be sometime next year when the release date will be, but I’ll definitely keep my fans posted!

Have an awesome day!!



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