Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter 13

Flint had a beautiful dinner prepared for the two of them. His chef went out of his way to cook a wonderful meal of chicken and vegetables the pirates acquired during their last visit ashore. A table for two complete with tall, white candlesticks had been set up in Flint’s cabin next to the window. The full moon shone into the room, casting a romantic glow on the table.

Sam sat across from him, poking at the white meat with the three pronged fork. She had barely tasted the steaming meal before her and hadn’t taken a sip of the red wine. Her mind was somewhere else. In a place where she wasn’t being forced to eat with the captain of a pirate ship while her friends were trapped in a cage. Her mind took her to a place where she was completely alone with Darrick. Even though the lust filled kiss with the captain was still fresh on her mind, she still wanted Darrick. There was a connection between them, something she wanted to feel again.

Flint took a bite of the cooked carrots on his plate, savoring the taste which was so rare to him and his men. He noticed the distracted look on her face and could tell she was not thinking about him.

“Is something the matter, my dear?” He asked in a soothing voice.

Sam kept her eyes on the plate of food and replied, “I’m fine.”

He shook his head and set his fork on the napkin beside his dinner, “You’ve barely eaten anything. What’s on your mind?”

Sam looked away from the fork between her fingers and glanced at the wood of the table. Tiny splinters stuck out from the old wood and a bit of wax was building up around the candles. She wanted her friends to be with her. She hated that they were Flint’s prisoners and wanted to do something about it.

“Sam?” Flint spoke up to get her attention. “Are you alright?”

Finally, she lifted her head and focused on his dark eyes, “Actually I do have something I want to ask.”

“Anything darling.”

“Will you let my friends out? They don’t deserve to be down there.” Sam asked, her nervous heart pounding in her chest.

Flint raised an eyebrow and leaned away from the table. He knew her friends could prove to be a threat to the love he held for her, especially the boy who held Sam’s heart. Flint didn’t care for how he looked at his woman nor for how she looked back at him. The boy would try to fight for her and Flint wouldn’t stand for that.

“I can’t do that.” He replied after a moment of silent thinking.

Sam let the fork fall from her grip and said, “But why? They haven’t done anything to deserve that. I haven’t done anything to deserve this.”

“Deserve what? How have I wronged you?”

“I don’t know.” Sam replied, “I was thrown through time and I’m stuck on a pirate ship in the middle of the ocean and I hate being on the ocean. I just don’t understand what went wrong in my life for me to be in this position. I just want my friends to be okay and not locked down there.”

“I understand.” Flint said, the leaned closer the table. “How about I let the girl out in the morning, savvy?”

Sam nodded, “What about Rusty and Darrick?”

Flint shook his head, “No, not them.”

Sam leaned forward and reached her hands across the table, outstretching her fingers for his, “Please.”

Flint glanced at her hands and slowly reached his out for hers. Her smooth skin felt like porcelain against his rough, calloused hands. He could see the pleading in her eyes and hear it in her voice. All he wanted was to make her happy, but he couldn’t let his guard down around his prisoners.

“I will let them out. They will be under heavy guard and if they do so much as try anything they’d regret, it’s right back to the brig.” Flint responded.

Sam couldn’t keep the smile from crossing her face, “Thank you.”


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