Lonely Limbo

I’m awake
I don’t know where I am
I don’t know who I am
But I’m awake
At least
I think I’m awake
It’s too dark to tell
Pitch blackness
Lies before me
I hear noises
Scratching sounds
Coming from everywhere
The sounds of screaming
Fills my ears
Startling me
I look around
For signs of life
For the faint hint
That someone is nearby
I reach out
Feeling for anything
But nothing grazes my hands
I’m alone
Yet I don’t feel alone
There are a thousand eyes upon me
Watching my every move
But I can’t see them
I cry out
My throat screaming
For the help
I’ll never get
For the light
I can never find
My feet don’t move
My eyes don’t see
The terrifying noises
Are eating away at my soul
I have to get out
Find the life I need
But I can’t
I’m utterly stuck
In this darkness
In this empty void
In this lonely limbo
A place I can never be free


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