Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter 14

Morning arrived. The fog hung low, covering the ship in a misty haze as the vessel rocked back and forth on the open sea. The crewmen were busy with their chores and some were signing a merry tune as they ate moldy bread for breakfast. A sweaty stink clogged the air around them, but each and every one of them were so used to the smell that they didn’t notice it any longer.

Flint and three of his closest men were down below in the brig, carrying out his promise made to Sam. Sarah and Rusty had already been released and taken above deck. They were reunited with their friend and were allowed to enjoy a hearty breakfast prepared by Flint’s chef. He enjoyed seeing the smile on his love’s face when she wrapped her arms around her friends.

Darrick was still locked in his cage, listening to his stomach growl, and glaring at the captain. He could tell by the look in Flint’s eyes that he wanted him dead. Darrick was a threat to him and the life he wanted with Sam. But Flint was a monster on Darrick’s eyes and one which needed to be destroyed in order to find a way home.

“Sam wishes to have you released.” Flint stated, taking a small step toward the bars. “I think it’s a foolish request, but I want my love to be happy.”

Darrick scoffed and rolled his eyes, “She’s not your love.”

“I don’t see her belonging to anyone else and certainly not you. Why would any woman as remarkable as Sam choose a pathetic boy like you when she could have a man as great as me.” Flint retorted.

“If you’re so great, then let me out of here.” Darrick said.

“You think I’m a fool, boy. You think I will just let you free and let you try to take Sam away from me.” Flint closed in on the cage and sent a steely glare to Darrick. “You’re the fool who won’t be around on my ship much longer. The first port we come to, you’re gone and the people ashore can decide your fate.”

“Why not just kill me now?” Darrick replied, leaning against the wall behind him.

Flint smiled and said, “Oh how I wish I could do that, but you see I need Sam to love me and by killing you now, I fear that she would resent me. I need you to stay alive boy, or should I call you slave?”

Flint and the few men standing around burst into laughter. Darrick’s heart started pounding faster and faster in his chest. He could only imagine how those pirates treated their slaves.


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