The Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter 18

Darrick was once again shoved into the old storage room with only Jonah for company. He leaned against one of the barrels of gun powder and listened to Jonah whistle a song he didn’t recognize. He tried tuning out the sound, but it seemed to only add a certain depressing soundtrack to the thoughts bubbling in his mind.

He saw the look on her face as she tiptoed across the deck, searching for him. She didn’t pay any attention to the pirates looming on deck or bother checking to make sure the captain wasn’t out that late. Darrick could tell by the look of determination on her face that she was only on deck to find him. He had no idea how their encounter would have went if Flint hadn’t gotten in the way. Things could have gone horribly for both of them, but he knew Sam was willing to take the risk.

The ship hit a rough tide and Darrick had to hold onto the barrel in order to keep his balance. The sound of the waves hitting against the sides of the ship were like thunder rolling in the clouds in the sky. He couldn’t wait to get off that ship and be back in his apartment in the crappy town he suddenly missed. He knew that as long as Sam was with him, he could tolerate even the worst parts of Hardwood.

“You sure are thinking a lot over there. Care to talk about it?” Jonah asked.

Darrick sighed and stepped away from the barrel, “We have to get out of here.”

“Like I don’t know that.” was the response.

“I mean, we really need to. If we don’t get off this ship before the captain kills me or strands me on some deserted island, Sam’s life will be in danger. I have to save her.” Darrick stated.

Jonah pushed himself up from the short stool he was seated upon and said, “How do you expect we do that? We are locked in a damn storage room where they keep gun powder and rum. Unless you think getting drunk off our asses will do the trick, we got nothing to work with.”

Darrick shook his head and ran his fingers through his tangled hair. He tried thinking of the dozens of pirate films he had seen in his life, hoping that one of them would grant him with some spark of a good idea.

Suddenly, he raised his head and marched across the room to Jonah, “We have everything we need to work with right here.” He put his hands on Jonah’s shoulders and shook him gently. “We can get out of this room and take charge of the ship in order to get off of it.”

Jonah raised an eyebrow out of confusion and said, “What the hell are you talking about?”

“The gun powder. All it takes is one spark and it could cause quite an explosion. If we do it just right, we can scare the shit out of the captain long enough to get my friends and get off this thing.” Darrick explained.

A smile crept its way across Jonah’s lips as he spoke, “Brilliant! I don’t know why I never thought of that.”

Darrick smiled as well and took a step back. He admired the barrels of gun powder stacked against the far wall of the room. He would have just one shot to make a stand and he had to make it count.

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