Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter 19

Sam sat across from Flint, eyeing the small meal before her. He had the chef prepare toast and thin ham slices for their breakfast. Sarah and Rusty were starved and eating their food as though it was their last meal. Sam stared at the food and hadn’t touched a single morsel of it. Her mind was elsewhere.

She was thinking about Darrick, wondering what he was doing and where he was being kept. She worried about him getting hurt because of her and wanted to bring an end to it. She wanted to go home, wanted for all of them to go home. Living at sea with a pirate who saw her as someone he was very much in love with, was not something she had planned on. Although her predicament was exciting, she really missed the small town of Hardwood.

She used to hate the seagulls that perched on the railing of the balcony at her apartment. The smell of baked lobster from the restaurant down the street from where she worked used to drive her crazy. She found herself missing all the things she hated so much and would do anything to get it back.

“Are you alright darling?” Flint asked after taking a drink of his morning rum. “You’ve barely touched your food.”

Sam poked at the ham on her plate and said, “I’m fine.”

“You really should eat something. Your friends are enjoying their meal, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be doing the same.” Flint stated.

She glanced to Sarah who passed her a sympathetic grin. Rusty had a mouth full of food and was stabbing at more with his fork. Sam wasn’t in the mood to eat when all she wanted was to be back home with Darrick.

A clap of thunder rolled in the distance and Flint said, “There’s a storm coming soon. I don’t expect it to be a bad one, but I’ll have you three stay below deck just in case.”

“Okay.” Sam replied quietly.

Another clap of thunder resonated through the room and she was taken back to the night with the lightning. It lit up the sky over and over again until they wound up back in time with terrifying savages.

Sam looked up from her plate as her mind concocted a strange idea that maybe the lightning had something to do with their time travel. That all she had to do was wait for more lightning and all four of them could go home again. She felt her lips curling into a small smile and all she had to do was find a way to get to Darrick before the storm was over.

She opened her mouth to speak but was instantly interrupted by a sharp blasting sound that shook the entire ship.

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