Book Review: Eldorado

By Jay Allan Storey

If you’re looking for an adventure/survival story, then this one is for you. There’s fighting and love while the characters on the brink of finding something that could possibly save a portion of the planet while facing death in the process. I live for these kinds of stories and this one kept me hooked.

It is based in future where mankind is stuck living basically in poverty. Gasoline is so hard to come by it’s practically extinct. You hit a gold mine if you found even a gallon of the stuff. So, when the teenaged boy, Danny, came across a miracle, he sought out to find it in hopes of hitting it rich. As with every awesome discovery, there is always someone else who wants to take it from you and kill you when you show them where it is. That’s where the bad guy Crack comes in and Danny has no choice but to run for his life. His brother, Richard, thinks he’s gone missing so he leaves his great job as a professor to search for him.

Richard is way out of his territory when he leaves the comfort of their small home and travels through bad territory after really bad territory, fighting many kinds of enemies, yet finding love as he searches for his only living family member. They face death and hardships. Sad times and bittersweet moments while they search high and low for the one and only person who holds the secret to finding the treasure of a lifetime.

This book was definitely interesting and well written. I was hooked right from the first page. Action and adventure tales are what I live for and this one is a must read. Recommended for anyone who wants a good survival read and wants to get lost in a book trying to find treasure.

You can buy Eldorado by clicking the link below.


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