Book Review: The Conviction: Enacting Vigilante Justice

Written by John Mathews

Here is another great read by this amazing author. This is a suspenseful novella about the corruption that hides in the midst of our judicial system. You’ll follow four main characters; Nancy, John, Jeffrey, and Kevin as they are trapped inside an abandoned warehouse for what they thought was nothing more than a simple investment opportunity. All of them are lured there without knowledge of who all will be attending the meeting. All four of them know each other because Nancy was the prosecuting attorney for a case Jeffrey and Kevin were involved in where John was the defense attorney for an innocent man that was wrongfully accused.

The person that brought them to the warehouse wants them to pay for wronging the innocent man who is forced to serve a life sentence in prison. He demands that they do certain tasks (I will not give them away, naturally) and if they do not comply, then something horrible will happen to them. They are locked in the warehouse without cell phone service or any way of getting contact with the outside world at all.

This one is suspenseful and will keep you guessing to the very end. I am more than looking forward to reading anything else this new author writes in the future. You can check out this one by clicking the link below!

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