Such an Exciting Weekend

I say “exciting” very sarcastically as this had been a not-so-fun weekend at all. It started out of Friday night with me getting a stomach ache as I was working on a novel. I got about 5,000 words written so that was pretty good in my book. Then, as the night progressed and I went to bed, the pain decided to get worse and not even the over-the-counter stomach relief medicine would calm it.

Saturday morning rolls around and I managed to make it an hour and a half at work before I just couldn’t take it anymore and wound up going home. My husband then took me to the ER where we spent a total of 6 hours waiting for the good Doctors to tell me that I was going to give birth to a very unhealthy appendix. I got lucky and the same doctor that removed my gallbladder exactly 3 years ago this month was able to do the surgery this time. I get a week to recover before going back to work and I plan on spending that time relaxing as much as I can.

Of course, I do plan on throwing some writing time in there as well. My computer chair is awfully comfortable and it’s not like my fingers are in any pain at all. But, I’ll be glad when this whole ordeal is over and I can leave my house again without a gutwrenching pain in my side. It’d be nice to lose the scars on my stomach as well, but I feel that might be asking for too much.


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