The Main Event: Book 3 of The Human Race

Since I am currently in the process of formatting and uploading the third installment of my zombie/vampire trilogy, The Main Event, I thought it was about time I show off the description that will be seen on the back cover of the book. I am pretty excited and thrilled with how this one came to an end and at the same time I am a bit sad to see this creation of mine come to an end. However, here is the description. I hope you find it enjoyable.

Bridget’s world is completely shattered. With Ryder gone, she no longer has anything to live for. Trevor has the cure now and with it he plans to rule the world. There is nothing she can do to stop him and the sadness is forcing her to be weak.

Depression is looming inside of her, taking over the very part of her that wants to survive. She finds herself wanting death as her mind goes over every painful memory of the great life she once had. The pain from those memories becomes too much and she wills herself to forget it all.

By forgetting her life, she lets loose the monster that dwells in her unbeating heart. It knows nothing of her past and only plans for the future it needs to survive through.


Goodreads Giveaway!!

With The Fighting Chance: Book Two of the Human Race, underway and down to the last two weeks before the release date, I have decided to host a giveawy for a signed, paperback copy of The Human Race through Goodreads. You can enter to win this copy from now until August 12th, which I hope many of you wonderful followers take advantage of.

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Human Race by Tahnee Fritz

The Human Race

by Tahnee Fritz

Giveaway ends August 12, 2014.

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at Goodreads.

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Crazy For Love

As you all know, I am currently working on the sequel to The Human Race, called The Fighting Chance. It is going great and you’ll still find Bridget being the same badass as always. She’s just on a different journey in this one, but more will come of that later. It will still be a little while before it’s on the market, I’m hoping for late spring/early summer this year.

There is something I should have out sooner than that. Another project of mine that I’ve been working on and going through the editing process to get it perfect. This book is quite different than my zombie/vampire trilogy, but there is still suspense and I even added a twist.

This book of mine I so cleverly named Crazy For Love. A stalker story that has nothing to do with a man going after the woman, but the exact opposite actually. The girl in this one just goes absolutely crazy for main character, Colton, and she is willing to do whatever she can in order to have him as her own. This one’s filled with drama, suspense, and a little something to keep you guessing.

I’m looking forward to having this one out there and I’ll be posting the cover and more of a description as soon as I have both of them perfect.

Off To Copyright

Well, I did it. I sent my book, The Human Race, off to the copyright office. I actually just finished with the whole process a few minutes ago. For those of you who may not know this, it’s really not horribly difficult to sent something to copyright office via their eCO website . That’s how you upload the application online instead of mailing it in and having it take MUCH longer than you want.

There’s a tutorial you can download to help you out along the way, which I recommend. It came in handy. Otherwise, most of it is pretty self explanatory and there’s help buttons and guides all along the way.

Also, I learned that you don’t have to wait to get the certificate to start publishing your work. You just have to wait for the confirmation email to come to you, then you can publish to your heart’s content. And, it’s not even that expensive to protect your work this way. Only $35 which, in my opinion, is worth it considering as how writing and my books are my pride and joy. I would go bonkers if someone tried to steal it from me. (I’d like to hope all of you would go a little crazy as well.)