An Ode to my House

I live in a house
That isn’t so great
The rooms are too small
And the deck, I just hate.

The flat roof keeps on leaking
The garage floor’s a wet mess
The low basement ceiling
Puts our foreheads to the test.

There’s not enough space in the kitchen
The cupboards are much too small
The floor used to be ugly carpet
There was even some on the wall.

I have no walk-in closet
Barely room for my clothes
A master bedroom is non-existent
Plain and simple, it blows.

There was a window in the shower
It was as clear as can be
Now a large piece of plywood
Covers so no one can see.

The walls are too thin
The washer likes to walk
There are lumps in the carpet
Oh, listen to me talk.

The list can go on
Of things I can’t stand
But I love my first house
On my own piece of land.