The Day The World Burns

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I do apologise for my absence. I’ve been busy working on the finishing touches to my science-fiction novel, The Day The World Burns. I am currently in the process of formatting it for print and Kindle versions so my beta readers will have something to read.

My plan is to have this published within the next couple of months. I’ll have a more firm date when the time gets closer.

It goes without saying that I’m pretty excited about this upcoming endeavor. I can’t wait to release my baby to the world!

As I’m getting The Day The World Burns ready to publish, I realize that one of my good friends might be upset for the lives characters are forced to live. It’s the end of the world in an alien invasion; you can’t expect them to have to greatest time in the world! Plus, that’s how books–in my opinion–stay interesting.

Onto the Second Draft!

Well, I finished the first draft of The Day the World Burns, my science fiction novel. I met my word count goal at 75,000 words and that is just exciting. It’s time for the second draft and with that comes a few revisions and a couple scenes may need switched around so it flows a bit more organically. From there, I’ll enter the wonderful world of editing, then it’s off to the beta readers and eventually publication. (I’ll have a clearer date of release as the end gets nearer.)

So, for those of you science fiction/alien invasion/survival fiction fans, you’ll want to keep an eye out for this one. It’s jam-packed with heart pumping thrills┬áthat will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. You’ll wonder “are they going to make it?” or “when will they find someplace that’s safe? They deserve to be safe!” And, like always, I’ll keep you guessing.

I’m not quite positive if this will be part of a series or not, but it might be heading in that direction. Maybe a trilogy if my mind allows enough imagination to flow onto the pages. I have a gut feeling it will.

How my mind wonders…

So, Falling Skies is one of my favorite shows on tv right now. I just love the apocalyptic survival genre and this alien invasion they’ve got going on just keeps me on the edge of my seat. I tell at the characters and really get into it and get super mad when they don’t listen to me. But, watching this show makes me wonder about things.

Like if that were to really happen and humans eventually found a way to defeat the aliens and get life back in order, what would that history text book look like? It makes you wonder how the human race would go about explaining something as unbelievable as an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse or some other crazy disaster that wipes out a good majority of the population. Would the humans even share that part of our history with the future generations or would we keep it a secret because it of how unbelievable it seems?

I guess, being a writer of the horror and suspense genre has my mind wondering these weird things. I am very glad to know that I am definitely not the only person out there who also questions things like this. I only hope that if there ever is an invasion or zombie apocalypse, that I’m not here to see it all go down.

The Invasion

They fall from the sky
Shooting down like stars
They’re beautiful to watch
Even in the daylight
We see them clear as day
The long tail which follows
Streaming through the clouds
They break into our atmosphere
Forcing us to gaze at them in awe
We don’t know what they are
Nor where they have come from
They aren’t simple asteroids
That crash against the planet
They are more complex
More mechanic as they fall
Leaving prefect craters in the earth
Some the size of houses
All the while we wait and wonder
Hoping these things are good
Hoping we won’t have to fear them
We stare down into the crater
Peering through the darkness
Something begins to stir
Forms start to take shape
We see the creatures moving
Coming up from the abyss
Beings we’ve never seen
Creatures from a new world
When they climb into our view
We know they do not want peace
They are menacing and evil
With weapons none could imagine
We scramble for safety
Hiding where they cannot see
Hoping they do not destroy us
Begging for the massacre to end
These creatures never stop
They come at us with such force
No matter if we try to stop them
There’s no way to break through
These things are smart and clever
Capable of what we can only dream
They never show their fear
Never let us know how to end them
They remain on the planet with us
Enslaving our once powerful race
One day we’ll rise up again
One day we will have our revenge
We’ll find the way to make this end
We’ll take back what belongs to us.