What if…

I’m a bit of a believer of life after death. I tend to think that there’s more to be experienced in a different life once this one is fulfilled. Being a writer with an insane imagination, my mind took that thought and came up with a what if scenario for those who are imaginative and weird like myself.

If you’re anything like me and you come spend 90% of the day daydreaming and having little stories in your head, then you’ve lived a ton of lives in your own imagination. Now, let’s say those stories and random thoughts are more than that. What if they’re actually memories from a different life on a different planet or in some sort of parallel universe? What if  you’ve already lived a dozen or so lives before this one and your soul has travelled millions upon millions of miles to get where it is today?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not exactly sure that’s a good thing. In my case, half of the stories I think of and daydream about are terrifying. I’d hate to imagine living in a world with zombies, vampires, monsters, aliens, etc. In my head, I’m the main female character. I get in trouble a lot and wind up in sticky situations. If, by some chance, my stories are actually memories (I’m doubting they are) then I’ve lived a lot of scary lives. I’ve been kidnapped, I’ve fought aliens and demons, I’ve travelled the world through hell and back just to save the one I love. It’s adventurous and wonderful, yet terrifying and exhausting to think about.

I’m sure my thoughts are nothing more than thoughts. That my dreams are simple stories created by the mind of a person who craves the abnormal parts of life. But, and this is a very bit but, if there’s any chance that they are more than just dreams and stories, I’m a little afraid to find out where my soul might head to next. I hope she’s prepared.


Crazy For Love

I just wanted to take a moment to pimp my stalker novel, Crazy For Love. My run tonight was filled with nothing but daydreams about when I came up with the idea for this one. I wanted something out of the ordinary that didn’t involve a man going after a woman, but the other way around. I thought, “How exciting would it be for my girl to just go nuts over this guy she hardly knows?” I had a lot of good nights bringing this one to life and really getting my heart pumping during the suspenseful scenes.

You can pick up your own copy–either ebook or print–at the link below. And, like always, I appreciate any review you feel to leave.


Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter 28

Lightning took over the sky with thunderous roars erupting in their ears. The clouds weren’t threatening with rain or an oncoming storm. The wind wasn’t picking up nor were the ocean’s waves getting more intense. It was strangely calm during the bright flashes of light.

Sam continued her struggle against the tight grip of the pirate’s hand. She managed to free her right arm and dug her fingernails into the skin of his arm still clasping on. She clawed him enough to break the skin and blood began trickling down, but he still held on. She glanced to the sword fight for a short moment and her heart raced faster.

Darrick was able to block another blow coming from Flint. He held the sword with shaky hands, feeling weaker by the minute. He was short of breath and knew he wouldn’t last much longer. The gash on his arm still bled and the pain radiated through his entire body.

Flint stood strong, cracking his neck from side to side. He saw that his opponent was wavering and soon he would fall. Then he’d get the chance to make the last strike and Sam would be his forever.

He stepped closer to Darrick and took another swing which was blocked, “You’re getting tired, boy. You might as well give up and let fate take its course.”

Darrick shook his head, swung the blade wildly through the air, and said, “I’ll die before I ever give up.”

Flint laughed and stepped out of range so Darrick couldn’t hit him. Darrick sliced the air again with his sword, spinning around with his arms. Flint stepped back and Darrick missed once more, but this time Flint struck his back with the handle of the sword. Darrick cried out in pain and dropped to his knees. Flint kicked him down and the sword slipped from his grasp. Before Darrick could reach for it, another pirate kicked it away.

Flint laughed deeper and moved to stand in front of the boy, “It looks like you’ll be dying sooner than you think.”

Sam pried on the pirate’s fingers until his grip finally loosened. Before he could grab onto her again, she slammed her elbow into his gut and dashed away. She pushed through the crowd, moving away from the fight. She stole something from a fat man’s belt, he didn’t notice, and she got away.

Darrick stared at the shiny blade mere inches from his face. Sweat beaded on his forehead and he awaited what was to come. He searched the faces for Sam, only so he could see her one last time. She wasn’t there and he began to wonder where she went.

A loud whistle burst through the air, catching the attention of the pirates, including Flint. Everyone spun around and faced the cause of the noise. Sam stood on the railing of the ship, appearing strong and beautiful. She held something in her hand, pressing the barrel of it to the right side of her head.

Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter 24

Darrick clutched the single-shot pistol tight in his right hand. Smoke rose from the barrel and the bullet went shooting into the air. Those fighting around him fell silent and turned their attention his way. Many of the pirates aimed guns and swords at him while he stood on the railing of the ship.

Jonah stood on the deck beside him, a small dagger with a Dragon etched into the steel blade was in his left hand. His heart was pounding at the mere sight of so many weapons and he waited for one of then to pull the trigger ending his life in a single blow. He held his breath as a man stepped forward, but the shot never came.

Darrick scanned the faces of the men until he spotted the tall, lanky fellow with his meaty hands wrapped around Sam’s arms. He turned his angry glare toward him and raised the empty pistol in am ill attempt to threaten him.

“Let her go!” Darrick shouted and the pirate simply spat black tar on the wooden deck while Sam struggled in his grip.

A set of footsteps clanked on the wood and Darrick turn his attention to Sam’s look alike. She was walking toward him with a devilish grin on her porcelain face. She sheathed her sword, showing him no sign that she would hurt him.

“You are a handsome young man, aren’t you.” She spoke. “What do they call you?”

“Darrick.” His voice was shaky.

“They call me Alissa.”

“Tell him to let go of Sam.” Darrick demanded, motioning to the lanky pirate.

Alissa smile and crept closer, “Why would I want to do that? I believe I’ll throw the entire crew of this pathetic craft into the sea and keep you for myself.”

Sam struggled once more in the pirate’s grip, only making him hold on tighter. She was forced to watch as Alissa inched her body closer to Darrick.

“Come down from there,” Alissa demanded, “let me get a better look at you.”

Darrick shook his head and said, “Let Sam go.”

Alissa turned her steely eyes to Sam and sneered.

The Only One

Look at me
I sit all alone
I stare at your face
And sniff your cologne

You might not know this
But I need you to be
The only one in my life
For me to feel complete

I am obsessed with your eyes
They linger on me so
As I stand above you
Never letting you go

I need you so dearly
More than trees need the sun
More than my lungs need the air
Because you are the only one

Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter 23

Sam stared at the strange woman with awe written all over her face. It was as though the both of them were looking in mirror. Alissa’s mouth hung open as she circled around the identical stranger and she wondered who on earth the girl could be. Her eyes darted back and forth between Sam and the captain and Alissa instantly knew why the girl was aboard his ship.

“You replaced me so soon.” Alissa spoke, her eyes were staring daggers at Sam.

Flint stepped forward and was quickly held back by two of Alissa’s pirates, “You don’t understand, I thought she was you when I first saw her. I would never replace you.”

Alissa smiled and said, “Just like you didn’t replace me with those two whores three nights before I left? Or the young maiden from that little town we were meant to savage, yet you found your way into her bed?”

Flint shook his head and said, “Nothing ever happened those nights. You only saw what you wanted to see and you were begging for an excuse to leave. I have never been that kind of man.”

Alissa threw her head back and laughed, “If only I could believe you, Flint. You are nothing more than scum left here to rot in the sea. It’s a good thing I found you before my men got to ya. They would make your death far less painful than I will. First, I need to get rid of my replacement.”

The tall grotesque man holding onto Sam’s right arm squeezed his grip even tighter. She winced and was quickly dragged across the deck toward the edge of the ship where part of the railing had been broken. Her heart was pounding and she dug her feet into the wood of the deck as she begged for her life.

“Alissa please don’t do this! Your fight is with me and me only.” Flint pleaded and he managed to free himself from his guard’s grip.

Alissa quickly unsheathed her sword and pointed the blade to his throat, “You’re right, my fight is with you. That is why you will watch your beloved die, then I get to watch you die.”

Sam was dragged closer to the edge of the ship and fear was bleeding through her pores. She wasn’t the best swimmer in the world and she had nowhere to swim to out in the middle of the ocean. She tried digging her fingernails into the man’s skin, hoping he would stop moving and let go of her arm. Instead, he held on tighter and shoved her a bit more.

A lone gunshot broke through the air and caught the eyes and ears of everyone on board. Alissa pulled her sword away from Flint’s throat and stomped across the deck, searching for the source of the blast. She caught sight of a young man wielding a single shot pistol, storming across the deck with his eyes focused solely on the girl Alissa wanted to kill.

Pirates Of Hardwood

Chapter 22

Darrick heard the commotion and the fighting just outside the door. Men were screaming for their lives and gunshots blasted through the air. His heart pounded hard in his chest as he stood beside Jonah and stared at the wooden door that was open half an inch.

The force from the explosion was enough to break the lock on the door which gave them a chance at freedom. The violence and death coming from the other parts of the ship were enough to hold them in place.

Darrick’s hands were shaking and he jumped at the sound of a cannon blast. He turned to Jonah whose nervous eyes were twitching back and forth. A shrill scream interrupted the silence between them and Darrick’s mind shot into action. There was something familiar about that scream.

“Sam!” He shouted and his feet ran toward the door.

Jonah followed quickly behind him. Darrick pulled the door open and rushed into the madness before them. Men were scrambling to get to the cannons while trying not to get shot in the process. Another explosion shook the ship back and forth and Darrick held onto a support beam to keep his balance.

He held on for a short moment then located the stairs that would take him up top. With his heart pounding, he heard the ear splitting scream echo through the ship once more before he and Jonah sprinted to the stairs. Darrick skipped two at a time until he burst through another door and stepped foot on the deck and into an all-out war between pirates.

He ducked out of the way of bullets and the many angry men that covered the deck. He spotted the captain arguing with a woman and the second he saw her face, he stopped running.

There was something familiar about her. The waves of her brown hair and the dimples on her cheeks. She looked just like the girl he was falling for but he knew she just couldn’t be Sam. With her menacing apparel and eyes so dark with black makeup, Darrick knew she couldn’t possibly be his Sam.

“Let go of me.” He heard a woman’s voice and he quickly turned his attention to a few dark men dragging an angry Sam toward her pirate doppelganger.

Darrick balled his hands into fists, gritted his teeth and mentally prepared himself for what would happen next.

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Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter 17

Midnight arrived. The steady rocking of the ship on the ocean eased Sarah and Rusty into a deep slumber. Rusty held her in his arms on the captain’s comfortable bed and their quiet snores filled the cabin.

Sam stared through the window at the moon’s reflection the water. Everything was quiet and serene. She couldn’t hear the crewmen working or anybody wandering above deck. The captain was elsewhere on the ship, he didn’t specify where exactly he’d be, but he wasn’t in the room with her.

She looked to her sleeping friends and took a deep, nervous breath in. They seemed so peaceful with their eyes closed and their minds taking them to a better place known as dreamland. As quietly as she could, Sam stood from the chair and tiptoed across the floor to the door. She wrapped her fingers around the knob and slowly twisted until the latch was released and the door swung open. She glanced at her friends once more before stepping into the empty corridor.

The hall was lit only by three candle sconces on the wall. The glass covers were cracked but they held together through the rocking of the ship. They lit the hallway enough for Sam to see as she quickly moved to the stairs to go above deck.

Darrick was out there somewhere, she was sure of it. She needed to find him and see that he was okay. Sneaking out in the middle of the night on a ship where she didn’t know her bearings wasn’t ideal, but she couldn’t just sit around while Darrick suffered because Flint was threatened by him.

The stairs creaked quietly under her feet as she ascended to the deck of the ship. She could hear men’s voices talking amongst themselves and giving orders to someone who never said a word. Sam clung to the wall and poked her head around the corner at the top of the stairs to get a look around.

Three men were standing by the mast drinking from a tall, clear bottle with brown liquid inside. Two others were standing at the bow of the ship, giving orders to a younger man she instantly recognized.

“Darrick.” She whispered, keeping her eyes on him.

They were treating him like a slave, forcing him to do the work they didn’t want to and were laughing about. They pushed him away until he stumbled into the railing and caught himself. Then the pirates walked to their friends by the mast and joined in the rum drinking.

Sam took this short opportunity to make a run for Darrick. She waited till the men weren’t looking, then stepped into the moonlight and speed across the deck toward Darrick.

Flint came out of nowhere, appearing before her like he knew she was coming, “What are you doing out here at such a late hour, darling?”

Sam opened her mouth to soak but her eyes were staring at Darrick. He noticed what was going on and was about to approach the situation. Flint had a gun and a sword attached to a belt at his waist which he had easy access to. He could take Darrick out in a second and Sam couldn’t let that happen.

“I was looking for you. I saw how beautiful the moon was on the ocean and wanted to see it with you.” She replied, speaking to the captain.

Darrick watched and listened. He saw how nervous she was and wanted to save her. He was at a disadvantage and would wind up killed in the process.

Flint smiled at Sam and said, “It is wonderful being at sea this time of night. The stars are even brighter out here. But they cannot match the beauty you bring to my world.”

Sam forced a smile to her lips and said, “Then let’s stare up at the stars and let the wonder if this night take over.”

Darrick’s heart was beating nervously as he watched Flint take Sam’s hand in his and walked to the railing in the opposite side of the ship. Sam glanced over her shoulder and caught Darrick’s eye. He needed to save her soon or else his time on the ship would run out.

The Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter 16

Sarah wrapped her arms around Sam, hugging her in a tight embrace. It had only been a few days, but she acted like years had passed since she last saw her friends. Tears ran down her already tear stained face as relief quickly fell upon her.

“I thought they were going to kill us.” Sarah said between sobs. “No one will tell us what’s going on or where the hell we are.”

Sam pulled herself away from get crying friend and replied, “I don’t really know any of that either, but I know we’re not home anymore. Something happened during that lightning storm and it sent us here.” She motioned to the room around them.

“I don’t understand how this is possible, though. Time travel doesn’t exist.” Sarah cried some more.

Sam shrugged and her eyes met with Rusty’s, “Where did they take Darrick?”

“I don’t know. They brought us up here first, then he was alone with that captain guy. By the look on his face I can tell he wants to kill Darrick.” Rusty stated.

“No, Flint promised he was going to let you guys out, all of you.” Sam said and moved toward the door.

Her heart was beating nervously and her hands began to shake. She needed Darrick to save her. She knew that he was the only one who could because of the way she felt for him. If something bad happened to him, she knew she’d be stuck with Flint on that wretched ship forever.

“Where are you going? We should stay here where it’s somewhat safe from those things out there.” Sarah exclaimed.

“Those things are called pirates and I’m not afraid of them. I’m only afraid of what’s going to happen to Darrick.” Sam retorted.

She wrapped her fingers around the cold metal of the door handle and twisted it. The rusted hinges squealed as she pulled the door open and peered out into the short hallway. The way was clear to the left and the hall was empty. She was startled and jumped back when she looked right and saw Flint walking toward her.

“What are you doing, my dear? Do you or your friends need anything?” Flint gently forced her back into the room and blocked the doorway.

Sam shook her head and smiled, “I was just looking for you.”

Flint smiled and asked, “And what do you need me for?”

“Umm,” Sam began but couldn’t think of a quick lie to cover herself.

“We were wondering when dinner was? The three of us are getting kinda hungry.” Rusty jumped in.

Flint passed Rusty a quick glare, then answered, “Shortly. I’ll have the chef prepare something for all of us.” He turned his eyes back to Sam, “Just stay in here until I come get you.”

She nodded and ran her fingers through her hair. Flint kept his eyes on her until he closed the door and left them alone.