The Human Race

I feel like it’s time to do a little book promoting tonight. This was the very first series I published and I still can’t believe I took that leap and put this one out there. It’s a surreal feeling knowing that more than just my family can read something I’ve poured my heart and soul into. It’s an awesome feeling!

So, if you’re into zombies, vampires, and an apocalyptic adventure trilogy, then snag this series and get lost in the story. You’ll follow Bridget on her journey to survival and madness. She faces death on so many occasions, yet walks away with a brave face and the determination to keep on going. Is there love? Yes. Is there sadness? Of course. Is there a happy ending? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Download or buy a print copy of the series by clicking the links below and don’t forget to leave a review.

Happy reading!



Crazy For Love

I just wanted to take a moment to pimp my stalker novel, Crazy For Love. My run tonight was filled with nothing but daydreams about when I came up with the idea for this one. I wanted something out of the ordinary that didn’t involve a man going after a woman, but the other way around. I thought, “How exciting would it be for my girl to just go nuts over this guy she hardly knows?” I had a lot of good nights bringing this one to life and really getting my heart pumping during the suspenseful scenes.

You can pick up your own copy–either ebook or print–at the link below. And, like always, I appreciate any review you feel to leave.


Flash Fiction: 47 Days

Day 1:

Hello, my name is Madison—or Maddie—Parker; age 23. I was asked to keep a digital log upon landing on our new home, Planet Unger; named for the woman who discovered it, Sheila Unger. I’ll send updates as often as I can about our new home to give you all insight on what life will be like here.

Our vessel, the Blue Titan, carried fifty passengers safely to the surface at 10 a.m. this morning. We set up tents and shelters, found a nearby water source with fresh, blue water that’s at the perfect temperature for drinking and getting cleaned up. The sky is a constant glow of red and orange. The air is fresh and warm; cleaner than the atmosphere of Earth before she collapsed.

So far, Unger appears to be the perfect new home for us. Without other life forms to get in our way, we’re free to do as we wish to this land and we plan to start first thing in the morning.

Day 4:

We’ve been busy the last few days and I didn’t have time to update the log. With the tools we brought on the ship, we managed to build an infirmary shack out of the native trees. They’re stronger and more durable than the once mighty oaks on Earth. We also began construction on an irrigation system that will bring water from the blue river to our little village. We will have that finished in two days, then we’ll begin building the housing units. The guy in charge of the village, Hank Testin, believes we can have an established society by the time the rest of humanity arrives in a year from now.

I’m pretty excited for all of you to see this place. The tall, skinny trees are beautiful shades of pink, red, and purple. The ground is soft and supple which is perfect for planting and growing food of our own. I can’t get over how refreshing the water is. It’s like bathing in a pool of heaven.

Maybe that’s where we landed; Heaven.


We hit a snag with the irrigation system the other day. Some type of underwater plant clogged the pipes and we had to start all over. That put a damper on other work and we barely got started on the first cabin.

On another, more horrible note, one of the harvesters stepped on a poisonous, black root and has been unconscious since last night. Kaleb’s not responsive and is barely breathing. Not sure if he’ll make it.

Day 10:

We had our first funeral at noon today. Kaleb succumbed to his wounds which left both of his legs black and swollen. The poison from the root spread through his bloodstream faster than the doctors could handle and they didn’t have the proper medicine to control it. I’m grateful to admit that Kaleb went peacefully in the middle of the night and we had a lovely ceremony for him near a ridge overlooking a vast canyon with yellow grass growing far below. I sang with the other women while the men buried him under three feet of burgundy dirt and multicolored rocks we gathered from the river.

I didn’t know Kaleb very well, but he was a funny man in his thirties. He always found a way to make people smile. It’s heartbreaking now that he’s gone.

Day 14:

I went with a small group to explore beyond the village yesterday. We found a cave system with odd colored stalagmites jutting from the ground. Also found a plethora of gorgeous crystals and gemstones we gathered to make jewelry. I can’t leave out the amazing, green berries growing in a field on the other side of the cave. They taste like every amazing flavor all rolled into a tiny ball of glorious deliciousness. Can’t wait for you all to try them!

Day 18:

Don’t try the green berries! I’ve been puking my guts out for the last four days. Haven’t been able to leave my tent or communicate with anyone outside.


Day 25:

Now that I’m no longer sick, I finally left my tent. We got the irrigation system up and running and no longer have to carry buckets to and from the river for drinking water. They also managed to get two cabins built for Hank and another member of his counsel. Two more are in the works and should be finished shortly. It’s wonderful how much progress we can get done when everyone pulls together and puts in the effort.

Day 29:

Something strange happened about an hour ago at midnight. Another moon rose; which makes four, white balls of light that make it difficult to sleep. It’s an odd sight to see when you’re used to only seeing one.

Day 32:

The fourth moon stays up at all hours of the day and night. I checked it out through a telescope to see it up close. The surface is dimpled with craters and trails cutting through the dust. It’s similar to Earth’s, only a bit smaller.

Day 35:

Three people went missing overnight. Not sure what happened to them. They didn’t take their belongings or bothered leaving a note. My neighbor was one of them and I checked over her tent for clues. It looked like she was dragged out in her sleep by something. Her blankets and pillows were in a pile by the tent flap and the grass was flattening for a few feet outside. The other two had the same, eerie features and now everyone’s afraid to sleep alone. Some even rigged their tents together to make a large, community sleeping tent with two guys keeping watch.

I’m taking my chances alone. I like my privacy.

Day 38:

There’s something living in the water. We thought this place was void of all life except plants, but we were wrong. A long, thin creature with five limbs and a very round head swims a few feet below the water’s surface. We believe it only comes out at night, but no one has seen it yet.

To add to the confusion, four others went missing in the middle of the night again—despite our watchful efforts. Hank’s been talking about relocating the village to a safer place that’s further away from the river. He sent a team of men in search of new land to call home.

Day 41:

We lost communication with the search team. One minute they were there, talking and describing the landscape. The next, we heard a low grumbling noise in the background and screaming immediately followed. What’s worse than that, we hear the same noise emanating from the river.

With this update, our original count of 50 souls is now down to 37. Make that 33; I forgot to count the few that took off after the last four went missing.

Day 44:

The growling from the river intensifies at night. It sounds like more of those creatures are moving to our location and will strike at any moment. Six more people are gone and the rest of us are starting to get our gear together to head out. Hank’s plan is to leave this place behind at first light and never look back. If we had more people, we could get back on the Blue Titan and head for the Mother Ship, but we need more people to handle the controls. Unfortunately, we’re stuck here on Unger, praying we make it another day.

Day 45:

Hanks dead! I’m sure of it. His tent was empty at dawn this morning with a trail of blood leading into the woods. Everyone’s freaking out and no one has a clue about what to do.

Day 47:

This will be my last post. I don’t have much time, but I needed to make time to send this out before it’s too late. There are only six of us left now. The rest are all dead or still missing. Those creatures pulled them into the woods and river to eat them while they screamed for their lives. They watch our village like hawks and take out anyone who tries to leave.

I know my time is up soon; I can hear the screams outside my tent and the growling is getting louder by the second. I just have to warn the rest of humanity to stay away from Unger. This planet is NOT our new home. You have to keep searching. You have to find a more viable…


By: Tahnee Fritz 2017

My Upcoming Publishing Endeavor

Hello world,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I’m still alive and still writing strong. I have an announcement to make!

This year I have a goal set in mind to finally publish one of my books, Eternity. This one has been finished for a bit now and is in desperate need of being read by the world. I’ll have to go back through and edit a few things, fix some glitches, and get my beta readers’ feedback. I don’t have an exact timeline for this one to be out, but my goal is to have it ready by the end of the year. I’ll keep my fans updated. It’s been a while since I’ve published anything and I feel the need to do so.

So, for those of you who love reading fiction books that are suspenseful, adventurous, and also have a hint of science fiction and time-travel, then you’ll love Eternity. You’ll follow the tale of Calvin Montague on her journey of changing her life and becoming a person her own brother doesn’t recognize. She takes over the country and follows what she believes is the right path to take. (I’ll give out more details later on, but here’s a taste of what is going on.)

Well, that’s all for tonight. I’m looking forward to this endeavor and hope the rest of you are as well.

Publishing Eternity

Well, the time has come to set out with publishing Eternity. I began the arduous task of formatting this evening. I’m not sure exactly when the release date will be, but I’m hoping for later this year.

This is the first of two books, set in the future during not-so-great times. It has a hint of science fiction and time travel, but it’s mostly a thrill-ride that will keep you hooked until the very end.

More details will come a little later. I just wanted to give the world an update.

Stay classy out there!!

Looking to the Future

It has been close to 2 years now that I have made the decision to self publish my first book, The Human Race. Since then, I have published the rest of my zombie/vampire trilogy along with Crazy For Love, a stand alone novel. I do enjoy the self publishing game and it has taught me a lot about the industry. I plan on having another one out either later this year or first thing next year after I put some much needed work into my idea.

Outside of that note, I have given myself a new plan for this year. I’ve been working on a project that I am very excited about. Every time I sit down to write it, I get so into the story that the rest of the world just melts away and time flies just as fast as my fingers hit the keyboard. This one is a young adult fiction novel that I intend on turning into a series of either 2 or 3 books. Unfortunately, I don’t yet have a title but I’m positive it will come to me soon.

With this new project of mine, my intentions are to query literary agents again as soon as it is finished. It has been a long time and I feel that I have grown a lot since the last time I sent a letter to an agent. I already have a few people lined up to critique my letter when the time comes. I have no plans on getting my hopes up as this is a dog-eat-dog business and one that is very hard to get into. But, try I must do and never let the rejection letters get me down.

I have had a decent year so far, with my job and home life. I feel like this year could keep going in a good direction and something great just might be waiting around the corner for me. All I have to do is keep chasing my dreams of becoming a traditionally published author.

Release of The Main Event: Book 3 of The Human Race

The day has finally come! The third and final book in The Human Race trilogy is out for purchase on Kindle as well as in print.

Bridget’s world is completely shattered. With Ryder gone, she no longer has anything to live for. Trevor has the cure now and with it he plans to rule the world. There is nothing she can do to stop him and the sadness is forcing her to be weak.

Depression is looming inside of her, taking over the very part of her that wants to survive. She finds herself wanting death as her mind goes over every painful memory of the great life she once had. The pain from those memories becomes too much and she wills herself to forget it all.

By forgetting her life, she lets loose the monster that dwells in her unbeating heart. It knows nothing of her past and only plans for the future it needs to survive through.



The Fighting Chance

The day is finally here! The sequal to The Human Race is now avaiable to download on the kindle as well as purchase in paperback. I’m super excited, as I get with every project I work on and put out there for the world to judge. I can’t wait to hear what people think of this one. My mom, who is the only one who has read it so far, LOVED it. She had to call me just about every day to let me know what she thought about a certain incident and to tell me the parts she got upset over. I know this praise is only coming from my mother, but it still feels wonderful just knowing that another person on the planet appreciates what I’m trying to do for a living.

Anyways, here is the link for amazon to purchase a copy: (it just the link for kindle because it takes a day or two for the hard copy and kindle to link up. Once they do, I’ll add it to the drop down menu on my blog.)

Sneak Peek of Crazy For Love

Twenty Two

After the uncomfortable dinner was over, Colton went straight down to his bedroom. He dug out his old TV and hooked it up to the cable. The first show to pop up on the screen was some reality show about dancing. Something he didn’t care for so he flipped through the channels for something better to watch. An old action packed comedy came across the screen, so he decided to watch it.

While staring at the small screen, he dug his cell phone out of his pocket and unlocked it. He went to his contact list and scrolled through the names. He thought about calling Amy again. To tell her how much he still missed her and how badly he wanted to be with her. The only thing stopping him was knowing she didn’t feel the same. She made it very clear to him the last time they spoke that she did not want to be with him anymore. If only there was some way to change her mind.

He closed out of that screen then set his phone on the nightstand. He had to set his alarm clock for eight the next morning so he could get ready for work. Something he wasn’t looking forward to, but was hoping it would go well and he would like it. He laid back on the bed to get comfortable while he watched the movie.

A few hours went by and he eventually fell asleep with the TV and the bedroom light still on. He woke up during the middle of the night to what he thought was his alarm clock going off. He smacked it a couple times trying to get the sound to go away and that’s when he realized it was his cell phone ringing.

He opened his eyes and sat up. He grabbed the phone and stared at the screen. Another call from the blocked number. Instantly, his heart began to race.

Hesitantly, he answered the call and held the phone to his ear, “Hello?” he said, nervously.

There was no answer, just like before. He could hear someone breathing, but it wasn’t as loud as the last time. The breathing was calmer and he was wondering if it was even the same person. Maybe there were two people harassing him in the middle of the night with strange phone calls. That would be his luck.

Colton ran his fingers through his hair, “If someone’s there, will you please answer me and tell me who the fuck this is?”

The breathing stopped and Colton listened more intently to the other end of the phone call. He waited for an answer. With the eerie silence coming through the line, he expected the caller to say something. Even if it was something simple or something that would scare the living daylights out of him, he felt he deserved an answer.

He stood from the bed and walked toward the stairs, thinking if he got his father on the phone, things could get straightened out. It was a slim chance, but a chance nonetheless.

He made it to the living room and, just before he turned down the hall, he happened to see a light flicker off outside the house. He turned toward the living room window and figured he would see someone standing outside. No one was out there, but that didn’t stop him from going to the window to see what the light had come from.

With the phone still pressed to his ear, he went to the window and peered outside. His car was parked in the driveway next to his father’s. All of the neighbors were sound asleep and their lights were off. The streetlamp was still lit on the curb outside and he stared at the car parked in the spotlight. The black windows were rolled up, making it impossible for him to see inside it. That didn’t matter because it was the same black car with the dark tinted windows. The one he’s seen in his rear view mirror the last few nights and the same one parked outside the deli when he was with Sid.

The breathing began again in his ear as he stared at the car outside, “Please will you just tell me who this is?” he begged quietly.

There was another pause on the phone, followed by a whisper, “I just had to see you again.”

The voice was so quiet, he couldn’t make out who it came from. The one thing he knew for certain, was that it came from a woman. The whisper was not deep enough to come from one of his friends or any man he knows. It definitely had to be a woman. Not that the notion was enough to calm his nerves one bit. Women can be even crazier than men sometimes.

Colton lowered the phone, still keeping his eyes glued to the car outside, “Dad!” he called through the house, “Dad, I need you!”

The driver must have heard him yelling for his father. The headlights flickered on, shining a light blue haze down the street. He heard his father’s footsteps rushing down the hallway toward the living room. The light came on and the car outside sped off down the street just as his father joined him at the window.

Colton glanced to the screen on his phone. The call had ended.

“What’s the matter, son?” his father asked, staring through the window, puzzled.

“That was them.” Colton said, calmly.

“Who?” Carl asked.

“The black car that followed me. They were outside and they called me again.” Colton replied.

His father turned to look at him, “Did they say something this time?”

Colton nodded, “It was just a whisper, but I could tell it was a woman. When I got to the window, she said she just had to see me again.”

Carl put his hand on his son’s shoulder in hopes of comforting him. He was never really good at being the sentimental fatherly type. He was better at being the overly protective, do what I say kind of dad.

“What do I do, dad? It might be a girl, but she sure has a way of making me nervous.” Colton stated.

“We’ll figure it out and we’ll find out who this woman is. For now, just try to get some sleep and worry about work tomorrow. Just turn your phone off at night from now on.” Carl stated.

Colton nodded then walked away from his father and headed back downstairs to his bedroom. Along the way, he made sure to power down his cell phone. He never had to worry about doing that before.

His mind went back to the phone call. That quiet voice still played in his head like a broken record. He’d be lucky if he got any sleep at all for the rest of the night.

Now Available

My second novel, Crazy For Love, is now available to download on kindle. It’s also in paperback and I’m still waiting for the two to get linked together on Amazon. But, it’s published and I’m happy and it’s a good day.