The Human Race Trilogy

Book One: The Human Race

Zombies, vampires, an apocalyptic adventure. You’ll follow nineteen year old Bridget as she does what she can to survive in a world created by people who were trying to perfect it. She’s faced with danger and death daily, but she finds some joy in taking her anger and misery out on the creatures who took her life away. The one thing she’s having issues with is finding safety. It always seems to be the last thing she finds wherever she goes.

Book Two: The Fighting Chance

It’s been a year since Bridget and Ryder have found sanctuary in Des Moines and they couldn’t ask for a more comfortable life. Bridget still gets to be a bit of a badass by defending the wall against zombies as well as spending some quality time with the love of her life. She couldn’t possibly want anything more. That is, until, a strange family rushes to the city, explaining about the village they came from. Bridget, as well as a group of other travelers, volunteer to find this village in hopes of bringing back more survivors to the city. Something incredibly unexpected happens along the way and they soon realize that fighting for the chance at a better world is a hard thing to accomplish.

Book Three: The Main Event

Bridget’s life has fallen into turmoil. She has lost everything, including the will to stay alive and fight against her captors. After losing Ryder and being trapped in a cage by a madman hell bent on taking over the world, all she wants to do is drift into the never-ending sleep known as death. But life does not grant her the bitter end and instead shows her a tiny light at the end of the tunnel. A light to which allows her to forget everything in order for the most devilish side of her being take over. She fails to realize what she is giving up to have the quiet, undepressing life inside of her head.

4 comments on “The Human Race Trilogy

  1. I give this book a high recommendation. It is not the classic apocalyptic novel. Tahnee Fritz has given us a spin on the classic zombies and vampires and thrown them together in a gruesome apocalyptic world.

    The heroine of the novel Bridget goes through hell on a daily basis as she and her father are trying to make it to Canada. But in a world full of hell is there any room for a slice of heaven? Find out in this page turner!

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