The Human Race

It’s been four years since I released my first book and I still have to pinch myself on occasion just so I know it’s real. I love knowing my work is out there for the world to enjoy and I’ll continue to send my babies out there.

You can download your very own copy of The Human Race for Kindle today for .99 cents. And don’t forget to check out the other two books in this YA apocalyptic trilogy.

Happy reading!

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A Little Preview

I want to share the first little bit of my book I keep raving about, The Human Race. I didn’t use chapters because in my opinion it flows much better this way. I would love to gain interest and prospective readers and the best way to do that is to give everyone a little preview. This is the fist few pages from my book and if you’re interested in reading more, you can find a link to it here on my blog. Still available on the Kindle for downloading and I’ll let the world know when it’s out in print. Enjoy.

Part One

I hate what’s become of the world. Most of the humans do. There’s so much violence and blood and meaningless death. Not even the normal kind of death where your heart stops beating and your loved ones put you in a hole in the ground. A boring way to spend eternity but, if you’re lucky, that’s what you’ll get.

It’s just not like that anymore.

The world has changed.

Depending on what happens to you, causing your heart to stop beating, there’s a pretty decent chance you’ll come back as one of two horrible things. Each monster is disgusting, covered in filth and blood, and they always stink of death. They both have the power to destroy your entire life in only a few seconds. All it takes is just one bite or a single scratch from either beast and you might as well kiss your human life goodbye.

It’s as simple as that.

I guess I should shed some light on how the world got this way. About five years ago, these brilliant scientists decided they needed to create the ultimate cure. For the life of me I can’t remember what the cure was actually called. It was supposed to be the one thing allowing us humans the ability to live for years longer than a normal lifespan. The one thing that would eliminate our constant worrying of what new diseases we could catch. It was meant to be the cure for cancer, diabetes, chronic asthma, hell even the common cold was on the list of what this thing was going to fix. But, like all of the other wonder drugs ever to hit the market, this one had a side effect. A really, really bad side effect.

Now, this cure worked at first. People began getting healthier and their lives seemed to be getting better. No one needed to pay for medicine anymore and pharmacies across the globe started closing their doors for good. Everything appeared to be perfect. Then there came this little boy who suddenly burst into flames while at the park with his mother. The first reported side effect. If I remember right, this boy had some form of leukemia and his mother took him to one of those magical scientists with the cure. He died from severe sunlight exposure with boils and burn marks all over his body. No one could explain how or why it happened.

Soon after, numerous cases of this really bad sunburn were reported all across the world. People were quick to blame the miracle cure for this issue. Mainly because those who experienced these problems were injected with it and those who weren’t, were fine in the sunlight. The cure was taken off the shelf and the world waited to see what came next.

Another added side effect. This one’s a little bit worse.

An older woman out in California decided one night, she wanted to go a little crazy. She wound up biting her husband while he slept and drank every ounce of his blood. There was a picture of that woman in the paper a few days after the incident. She had this eerie appearance. Her skin was deathly pale, kind of translucent, and her eyes were hazed over a lot. Even her hair had changed to this gloomy grey color.

Everyone began noticing this new effect happening all over the place. Reports of people going crazy and stopped being themselves completely. They never went out in the sunlight anymore and craved the taste of blood over anything else. Offer them a doughnut, they’d reach for your wrist instead. If you weren’t sucked dry, you were doomed to become one of them. A vicious new lifecycle.

The name “Vampire” hit the streets after more and more reports piled in. These aren’t like those cozy vamps you see in the movies. You know, the ones that glitter in the sunlight or fall hopelessly in love and change their ways. The ones in the real world, the world that I live in, are pretty damn horrifying and cannot come out in the sunlight. Their pale skin starts to boil and blister and this nasty, yellow puss oozes out. It’s really gross when you see it happen up close and personal, but that is the fastest way to kill one of them. You’d have to have perfect aim with a gun or crossbow and hit them in the heart on the first shot. Even then you have to get really close in order to hit the target and that is definitely not one of my favorite things.

These vamps can be tricky sometimes. They can fool with your mind. If you catch them in the right time of night, they can look and act like a normal human. They can even speak. Not loud or in complete sentences, but enough to get your mind to think they’re still human. That’s why you have to pay attention to the details or you’ll wind up dead. I’ve learned how to tell the difference between the vamps and the living. First of all, their eyes can give it away. Most of them have grey or hazed over eyes and it looks like they might have cataracts. Vamps’ skin is so pale, it does seem like it glows in the right lighting. Another dead giveaway. It’s a shame there are hundreds of people who have fallen victim to a vamp because they couldn’t see the difference.

A truly sad world this has become.

To add to the end of the world, the original group of scientists attempted to fix this problem. I find it quite humorous that the government and the rest of the world allowed the same group of people to attempt to cure what they started in the first place. One would think they would have found someone else to do the job, but apparently no one chose to think of the obvious issue with this. Those guys got it wrong the first time. God knows they’re bound to screw it up again.

So naturally, it didn’t take long for the next batch of monsters to come along. In fact, it happened right on the operating table. They injected some young man, a victim of the original cure, with this new magic liquid, then waited. And waited. Eventually his hand started to twitch and a very slight amount of color returned to his skin. Not much, but enough for them to believe the new cure worked. They did tests with a UV light and his skin didn’t boil like it would have. Everyone thought it worked and they got super excited.

They failed to see that the boy’s heart never started to beat again. They looked past how his eyes changed from grey to the darkest shade of black.

The scientists thought wrong.

When they noticed the problems, it was already too late. That boy snapped his eyes open and ripped through the straps holding him to the table. He leapt off the table and landed on a young woman who couldn’t even scream for help. He sunk his teeth into her skin and started ripping her to shreds. She didn’t come back as one of them. She was one of the lucky ones.

From what I’ve heard about this story, the other doctors in the room tried fighting back. None of them had guns and the security guard only had a Taser which pissed the boy off even more. He attacked, he bit, game over security guard. That’s all it takes is one bite. In seconds, you can find yourself writhing on the floor in pain as your body dies yet you somehow stay alive at the same time. Thus beginning another horrible lifecycle taking over the world.

This new disease seemed to spread a lot faster than the vampire outbreak. It took much less time to die and come back as a zombie than it did to slowly die and change into a vampire. I’ve seen them both take effect on people and both ways seem excruciatingly painful.

Now, the zombies are definitely different than the vamps. They are so far gone they don’t have the ability to speak or move very fast at all. They can’t comprehend what you tell them and I highly doubt they care. Even if they tried, they could never pass as a living human. Most of them begin to rot soon after they’re bit and their skin starts to peel away. Not a single part of them is at all what their human self used to be. They don’t care who you are when they attack and they don’t care if you try to fight back. They’ll come at you with everything they’ve got and, if you’re not prepared to kill them, you might as well face the facts that you’re going to be one of them soon. Very soon.

Why I believe you should read my book…

I got asked by someone today why I thought they should buy my book over something similar. That’s a perfectly good question considering how I’ll probably get asked that a thousand times over the course of my writing career. I figured this would be a great time to tell the world why I believe my book is good and different from others.

First of all, and I’ve said this before, The Human Race is not your typical apocalyptic nightmare. There is no war or natural disaster or disease that sends the planet spiraling down a staircase straight to hell. Humans are responsible for the bad things that happen. They thought the world needed the ultimate cure, the one thing that would end all of mankind’s suffering and illness. Of course, they thought wrong. Side effects come from just about everything humans create so naturally something bad would come from something that’s supposed to be good. Then, when humans try to cure this bad thing, another side effect comes along and, well, zombies and vampires are born.

These are the glittering, falling in love with the main character, or skip out on a meal because they want to change type of zombies or vampires. No. These things are mean, horrifying, murderous, and extremely disgusting creatures. The main character, Bridget, along with the rest of the human race are forced to share the world with these creatures in an ill-attempt to find safety. It’s hard not to lose people you care about in a world where death and danger looms around every corner. Safety isn’t so easy to find either.

Now, I’m not going to give away the entire book because, hey I want you guys to read it. Of the few people who have left reviews on Amazon, all of them have been great. They love how this is different than the norm and I’ve heard from a few that they just couldn’t put the book down. It kept them on the edge of their seat the whole wild adventure. As an author, I love hearing that and can’t wait to get more of that reaction. So, out of all this, The Human Race is a horror story filled with adventure, survival, and even some love. What kind of writer would I be if I didn’t add some kind of love to my work.

I hope this has provided all of you with a deeper insight to The Human Race and I’m hoping more of you think “Hey, this sounds interesting, I think I want to read this.” As for now, I’m happy and elated just knowing my dream, the one thing I’ve worked so hard on, is out there and I’m getting a positive reaction.

Lord Firebird: a relative’s novel

Now I’m not the only self published or indie author I know. I would like to share an in law’s book with all of you today. It’s available on kindle and also in print. I have the privilege of taking with the author whenever I want and she is wonderful as well as her very first novel, Lord Firebird, by J F MacCrimmon. You can check it out by following the link below.


The Human Race has finally been published. It is in Kindle version right now. I’m pretty excited about it. Sold one book already and I’m hoping to sell a bunch more. Not in this game for the money, I just love the hell out of writing and getting the crazy things that are in my head out into the world so everyone can enjoy. I think people will enjoy my novel, The Human Race. Sure there are some scenes that are a little gross but hey, it’s a zombie/vampire book. You can’t expect them all to be cushy and warm.

It’s available right now on I still need to get it available on other sites, but I’m working on it. You can also buy it right here by following this simple link:

I truly hope all of you fans of apocalyptic type books or vampire novels and zombie novels, or just want to read a nice tale about a girl who’s just trying to make it somewhere safe with the people she cares about, find an escape in my book. Looking forward to hearing any and all comments about my work and I can’t wait to get my next novel out there.