It’s Tuesday night. My husband is working and I’m at home getting some editing done on The Day The World Burns. In a few weeks to a couple months, I’ll release my baby to the world for all to enjoy.

Can’t wait!!

Crazy for Love release date

Well, I was busy this weekend. Did some much needed yard work to make my house look a lot less depressing and realized we need a new deck so that might be in the works. Also, I finished proofreading and editing the final draft of Crazy For Love and plan on releasing it to the wonderful world of readers this week. Wednesday actually. It will be available on Kindle and also in paperback for those who love the good ol’ feel of a book in their hands. I’m among those proud people.

Once it’s released, I’ll post a link to it on here and it’ll also have it’s own special page right here on my blog just like The Human Race!!