I love loving in Iowa. It provides an ample supply of beautiful landscapes and an endless supply of corn and all things corn related. My family is here. My friends are here. And, most importantly, I can write to my heart’s content here.

The one thing about Iowa or the Midwest in general, is the damn weather. If it would make up its mind instead of fluctuating everyday of the week, we might get somewhere. Sure, it’s warmer today than it has been in a while, but it’s supposed to get cold and snowy again by the end of the week. No wonder my husband wants to move south to avoid the constant shifts in temperature and the relentless amount of snow.

But, as I’ve mentioned, I love it here. For some, unknown reason, I can’t see myself living anywhere else. Unless I hit the lottery and buy myself an island. That’s a fantasy for another day.

A New Addition to the Family

About five weeks ago, my husband and I decided to take our family to the next level and added one more to our little clan. I’ve been begging him for months to let me get, what I think is probably one of the funniest animals out there. So, we did it. We brought home this adorable ball of fluff and, since my husband is an avid gearhead, we decided to name him Axle. This kitten is so funny and athletic. The other day we were watching a movie and a fly was bothering us like crazy. Axle comes along, does a backflip in the air, doesn’t realize how close he is to the wall and jumps right into it. We got a good laugh and Axle ended up catching the fly for a nice after dinner snack.


He is definitely the funniest animal I have ever had. As you can see, he has a strange obsession with shoes. We find him doing head dives into our shoes every day of the week. He’s even brave enough to stick his head in my husband’s shoes right after he takes them off. I don’t know about you, but I’d be in a coma for a month after smelling that.


Axle also has this weird thing about being in the bathtub or in any of the sinks in the house. I don’t know if it’s just a cat thing, but I see little wet paw prints all over the floor and the counters. It is super cute and it only makes us love him even more. Although, he isn’t the happiest little guy when you turn the faucet on.


The most important feature about our new addition, is that he and our 8 year old husky/wolf mix have become best friends. They sleep together, they drink from the same water bowl together, and they sometimes play together. It’s more Axle jumps all over Baer and the dog just lays there like “why did you bring this demon home to torture me.” But, they love each other and we couldn’t be happier with the results of getting this little guy.

To My Perfect Family

No family is perfect
It just wouldn’t be right
We wouldn’t be the same
If we’d never ever fight

The house would be too quiet
Our voices too calm
Our arms wouldn’t be red
From the smack of a palm

The kids all too quiet
All perfect and boring
They’d do as they’re told
Every night and each morning

There would be no more chaos
No worry, issues, or fret
Just plain boring perfection
We’d go crazy I bet

We need all the loudness
That the girls’ voices emit
And the big stomping feet
That the guys never quit

We need all the issues
That our family portrays
Without all the nonsense
We’d be a clan of all grays

Copyright 2014 Tahnee Fritz

I have the best doggie in the world!!

Today, I want to take a moment to talk about my sweet little Teddy Baer. Well, he’s not really little, he’s more of a monster lap dog when he wants to be. He’s a part wolf part husky 8 year old loveable ball of fluff. He’s the sweetest dog on the planet and has never bit or been mean to anyone. Tonight at dinner, I made myself a grilled turkey and cheese sandwish, set it on the coffee table, then went to put something back in the kitchen. Baer, unlike most dogs his size, just sits on the living room floor staring at me instead of going for the delicious meal that could await him. Don’t get me wrong, he begs for table scraps and drools on my feet and my husband’s while we eat. But, he never tries to steal our food or nip at us or do anything he isn’t supposed to. So, I’m not lying and I don’t mean to brag when I say that I believe I have been blessed with one of the best doggies in the world.
Here’s just a taste of how cooky and wonderful Baer can be!


Do You Wonder

Do you wonder if they’re up there?
Those people that we love?
Are they watching over us
From the stars above.

Millions of them sparkling
Down upon our heads.
Are they the eyes of those we lost
Lying in their forever beds?

Maybe they’re up their smiling.
I hope they like the things they see.
I try to do the best I can
So my dad will be proud of me.

Do you wonder if they miss us,
As much as we miss them?
Maybe they think about the day
When we get to see their faces again.

The Perfect Family

You know, zombies and vampires aren’t the only story ideas I have lounging around in the ol’ noodle of mine. I’ve dabbled with suspense with a kidnapping story and also one with a stalker. The kidnapping one I’ve had finished, but it has never been quite perfect. It’s always felt like it was missing something. The other day, I think I found what it was missing and I’m planning on revisting it as soon as my zombie/vampire trilogy is completed. If you want a taste of what this kidnapping novel of mine is like, I’ll give ya one.

Everyone has that image of the perfect family. The beautiful wife, the charming husband, and the two great kids, boy and girl. What if that was all you thought about? What if you couldn’t picture life without that perfect family? And what if you knew you could never have it unless you made it happen? Well, let’s just say that’s how a certain character of mine feels and he doesn’t want to live an unperfect life anymore.


Here’s to you Dad.

I wish I had a time machine
To take a trip to my past.
To see my life the way it was
All the things that did not last.

I could stop my heart from hurting
By seeing the person I miss most.
With the sound of his voice and the look in his eyes
He would no longer be a ghost.

I’d get to hear his laugh again
And feel his warm embrace.
Would be so nice to hear his voice
And the look upon his face.

I’d never want my trip to end
I’d never want to go.
Spending time with dad again,
I’d make the time go slow.

I wish I had a time machine
Even if for a day.
I’s get to see who I miss most
And say all I need to say.

I love you dad.
I wish you were here.
Nine years is far too long
And I’ve shed too many a tear.

A Niece’s Dream

My niece, Annah, turned 11 today. Had a nice dinner with the family, got to share some funny stories and here the latest gossip about everyone. Then Annah tells me she’s going to write a book. That she has written work for her Language class in school and the teacher, along with everyone else, loved it. It brings a smile to my face just knowing that I have someone so close to me who wants to share the same dream I have. She’s having the same experience in school as I did, because I had a similar reaction to this crazy little story I wrote for my sixth grade English class.

I hope she keeps on with the writing and doing all of her other art projects. I can’t wait to see how she, and all of my other nieces and nephews turn out when they get older. I mean, I can wait for that because I’ll be getting older as well, but I still want to see how they’ll turn out. It will be exciting.