I forgot to post this the other day but the next chapter of Spare Parts is out on Channillo!! Check out what Leven Murdock is up to now!


Good morning world!

Chapter 4 of my Channillo series, Spare Parts, is now available for your reading pleasure.


Spare Parts

I have finally uploaded the first installment of my series onto the Channillo website. It is available for your reading pleasure. Check it out, subscribe to my page, and follow the adventurous tale of Leven Murdock!


Another Series on the Blog!

Lately, I’ve been thinking of another fictional series to post on my blog. It would be just like the last one I did, Beauty and the What?!, and I’ll post a new chapter each week, probably around Friday. I have a few ideas in mind and I might even just take something I alreayd have written and share it with all of you one chapter at a time.