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Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter 23

Sam stared at the strange woman with awe written all over her face. It was as though the both of them were looking in mirror. Alissa’s mouth hung open as she circled around the identical stranger and she wondered who on earth the girl could be. Her eyes darted back and forth between Sam and the captain and Alissa instantly knew why the girl was aboard his ship.

“You replaced me so soon.” Alissa spoke, her eyes were staring daggers at Sam.

Flint stepped forward and was quickly held back by two of Alissa’s pirates, “You don’t understand, I thought she was you when I first saw her. I would never replace you.”

Alissa smiled and said, “Just like you didn’t replace me with those two whores three nights before I left? Or the young maiden from that little town we were meant to savage, yet you found your way into her bed?”

Flint shook his head and said, “Nothing ever happened those nights. You only saw what you wanted to see and you were begging for an excuse to leave. I have never been that kind of man.”

Alissa threw her head back and laughed, “If only I could believe you, Flint. You are nothing more than scum left here to rot in the sea. It’s a good thing I found you before my men got to ya. They would make your death far less painful than I will. First, I need to get rid of my replacement.”

The tall grotesque man holding onto Sam’s right arm squeezed his grip even tighter. She winced and was quickly dragged across the deck toward the edge of the ship where part of the railing had been broken. Her heart was pounding and she dug her feet into the wood of the deck as she begged for her life.

“Alissa please don’t do this! Your fight is with me and me only.” Flint pleaded and he managed to free himself from his guard’s grip.

Alissa quickly unsheathed her sword and pointed the blade to his throat, “You’re right, my fight is with you. That is why you will watch your beloved die, then I get to watch you die.”

Sam was dragged closer to the edge of the ship and fear was bleeding through her pores. She wasn’t the best swimmer in the world and she had nowhere to swim to out in the middle of the ocean. She tried digging her fingernails into the man’s skin, hoping he would stop moving and let go of her arm. Instead, he held on tighter and shoved her a bit more.

A lone gunshot broke through the air and caught the eyes and ears of everyone on board. Alissa pulled her sword away from Flint’s throat and stomped across the deck, searching for the source of the blast. She caught sight of a young man wielding a single shot pistol, storming across the deck with his eyes focused solely on the girl Alissa wanted to kill.