I’m Back!

Well, I know it’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been on hiatus a bit and it’s time I get back in the game.

I’m still writing. There’s nothing on this planet that could keep me from pouring my heart and soul onto the pages of the computer screen or one of the many notebooks I have on my desk. I actually have finished a project I’ve been working on for a while now and my next plan is to submit the dreaded query letter off to Agents. Of course, I have to write the damn thing first!

In the meantime, I submitted two short stories to online magazines in the hopes of getting somewhere with publication. I was nervous and a little hesitant when I hit that “submit” button, but I did it and I smiled about it. Now, it’s time to way which is never the easiest thing to do. I’m pretty sure all writers are impatient and demand a respond, I don’t know, like NOW!

I’m planning to work on more short stories as well as my longer projects, so that part of my life has not changed. I guess, I just realized that I need to get serious again about this whole getting published thing and I need to put my writing out there. There’s no better way to do that than to submit some short stories I’ve been hoarding for a while.

So, anyway, wish me luck!

Poem: Running Through a Daydream

I wake up in the morning,

Throw my hair in a bun.

I lace up my sneakers

And head out for a run.


I’m out of breath

By the end of the block.

Still I push myself harder,

Never checking the clock.


All this time I spend running

My daydreams take shape.

I go into a world

One I cannot escape.


There are monsters and demons,

Zombies and vampires too.

A red-headed stalker

With eyes oh-so blue.


There are heroes and good guys,

Someone there to save the day.

It wouldn’t be a fantasy

Without them out to play.


There are castles and oceans

And skies with bright stars.

I see chaos and beauty

And love hidden behind by bars.


All these things that I see

As I jog through the world

Are created by one thing;

My twisted mind unfurled.


I can run on forever

In the madness of my mind.

And keep going and going

Until the end of time.


But, alas, I cannot

For my breath has run short.

It is time to head home

And rest up from the sport.


I’ll start again tomorrow

With my dreams set on high.

I’ll see where they might take me

And always reach for the sky.


Copyright 2017 T. R. Justus


Time to Rant

I’ve been so busy on my latest project, that I haven’t had much time to update my blog. So, here it goes.

I’ll tell you a smidge about my latest novel project. I’m at 61,000 words and my goal is 75,000. At the rate I’m going, I will definitely get there with the first draft. With some help of a few, amazing friends, I came up with the perfect title–The Day The World Burns. It’s a science-fiction novel packed with action and a life-altering adventure. Then again, I’m not sure if you can call it an adventure novel since they are constantly trying to survive horrible things. It’s more of a survival tale, now that I’m thinking about it.

I’m ranting…time to focus.

I hate giving away too much of my work before it’s 100% finished and I still have a ways to go on this one. I think you can get the gist of what it might be about based on the title. I’ll give away more details when it gets closer to being finished and if I choose to publish this one. So long as everything works out and I spend more time researching self-publishing and marketing a bit more, I plan to release my baby into the world for all to enjoy.

But, this is it for now. I need to get back at it. This book ain’t going to write itself.

Although, that would be pretty amazing if it could.

Just a Random Joke

As I was cleaning off my computer desk and going through old paperwork, I came across this joke my mother had given me a long time ago. It’s just a cute animal joke that I feel like sharing with the world today in case some of you out there need a quick laugh.

How many dogs does it take to change a lightbulb?
-Golden Retriever: “The sun is out, the day is young and you’re worrying about a stupid light bulb?”
-Border Collie: “Just one. And then I’ll replace any wiring that’s not up to code.”
-Lab: “Oh, me! Me! Pleease let me change the bulb! Can I? Can I?”
-Rottweiler: “Make me.”
-Old English Sheepdog: “Light bulb? I don’t see a light bulb.”
-Cat: “Dogs do not change light bulbs. People change light bulbs. So the question is, how long will it be before I can expect light?”

-Contributed by Richard Wright

An Ode to my House

I live in a house
That isn’t so great
The rooms are too small
And the deck, I just hate.

The flat roof keeps on leaking
The garage floor’s a wet mess
The low basement ceiling
Puts our foreheads to the test.

There’s not enough space in the kitchen
The cupboards are much too small
The floor used to be ugly carpet
There was even some on the wall.

I have no walk-in closet
Barely room for my clothes
A master bedroom is non-existent
Plain and simple, it blows.

There was a window in the shower
It was as clear as can be
Now a large piece of plywood
Covers so no one can see.

The walls are too thin
The washer likes to walk
There are lumps in the carpet
Oh, listen to me talk.

The list can go on
Of things I can’t stand
But I love my first house
On my own piece of land.

Just a silly love poem

I love how you are always there
Never judging my crazy hair

I love the feeling of your hand in mine
While you tickle and make me whine

You always know just what to say
Even when you make me pay

Your smile makes my heart melt fast
No matter how mad I’ve been in the past

Faster and faster my heart will race
While you squeeze me in a tight embrace

You always make time just for us
No matter how much we both will fuss

Above all, I love that you belong to me
No one can touch you or wrath they will see.

Copyright 2014 Tahnee Fritz

Music to my ears…

I have the strangest array of music on my phone that I listen to while I write. I mean, it is all over the place. I have some Fall Out Boy, which is currently playing, along with The Pussycat Dolls, John Legend, The Cranberries, and of course my new found favorite, Muse. I even have some of the songs from the Pitch Perfect soundtrack because I’m just that weird. But, this is the music that I listen too while I’m writing the night away.

Where it all goes down…


As a writer, I spend a lot of evenings when I get off work sitting in front of my computer in the most comfortable, yet always cold, chair that my husband got me a couple years ago. The photo I’m sharing is where my imagination comes to life. It’s messy and unorganized to anyone else but me. I know where everything is exactly when I need it. I’m your typical writing who never has the keyboard on the little rack it’s supposed to be on, but on my lap instead because it’s easier to type that way. My cordless mouse rarely works when I want it to and I have gone through quite a few because they tend to make me angry. My big, husky has the tendancy to crawl under my desk and lay on my feet and get me quite worried he’ll unplug something or hit the magic on/off button on the surge protector. I think I’d go balistic if that ever happens so thankfully it hasn’t yet. That star hanging on the rack where CD’s are supposed to go is actually a Christmas ornament I bought because I love stars and this one has a saying on it that tells me everyday “You are the Greatest.”

So, this is my little slice of heaven and without it, I wouldn’t be the person I am. I wouldn’t be posting to a blog or self publishing my first and soon my second book. I would be just another drone out there working to pay the bills. Having the life that’s in the photo is my dream and I love it.

In case you’re wondering, that is a Spiderman blanket covering my chair.

Ahhh, winter

Well, my hometown got it’s first snowfall of the season today. Sort of snow mixed with sleet mixed with wind from hell that made it impossible to get out of my car without the door flying away from me. No, not my favorite time of year, in case you can’t tell. My favorite time being the fall, the different colors are amazing to look at. I do like seeing the cool icicles haning from trees and I like it when everything’s all frozen and has that sort of eerie appearance to it. It’s mainly just the cold and scraping off my car and shoveling that I really hate. That and a dog who likes this time of year because he gets to jump around in the snow like a maniac and have to go potty when it’s ten below outside in the middle of the night. No, this time of year is just the best. (Gotta love my sarcasm)