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Spare Parts

Good morning world! I’ve updated my series on Channillo. Chapter Six is now available for your reading enjoyment. Check it out if you enjoy a good, young adult dystopian with some science fiction thrown in the mix.


Good morning world!

Chapter 4 of my Channillo series, Spare Parts, is now available for your reading pleasure.


Spare Parts

I have finally uploaded the first installment of my series onto the Channillo website. It is available for your reading pleasure. Check it out, subscribe to my page, and follow the adventurous tale of Leven Murdock!


Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter 29

Sam’s heart raced as the eyes of the crowd turned to her. She stood on the railing with a pistol pressed against her head. She managed to steal it from the pirate who had a hold of her and was willing to use it to end her life in order to save Darrick and her friends.

Alissa laughed at the sight of the girl and a few of her men chuckled along with her. She moved forward and sheathed her sword, then stared up at Sam with wonder in her eyes.

“It would bring me great joy to watch you pull the trigger. I’d get to witness Flint’s heart breaking for a nobody like you.” Alissa said.

Flint rushed forward, pushing men out of his way until he stood within a few feet from the railing. Sam took a breath, then threatened to shoot him if he came any closer. He raised his hands and backed up a pace.

“Put the gun down, darling,” he spoke calmly, “I’d hate for you to do something you might regret.”

“Let my friends go.” Sam demanded.

A clap of thunder erupted in the sky behind her. Her heart was pounding as she waited for Flint to answer her request.

“Sam!” Darrick shouted. “Whatever you’re thinking, don’t do it.”

He pushed his way through the men, fighting the pain in his arms and legs. Someone grabbed onto him before he could get close to the railing and a large arm found its way around his chest. The man held him in place and drew his sword to keep Darrick from trying to get away.

Lightning flashed bright in the sky, getting closer to the ship. Darrick knew they wouldn’t have much time to get away but he knew Sam had to be one of them to get home.

“Let him go!” Sam shouted.

Her voice was left unanswered. Alissa merely smiled and Flint stared at Sam with worry in his eyes. His heart was drawn to her from the moment he laid his eyes upon her and it broke him to see that she was hurting because of him.

He gripped the handle of the sword tight in his hand and knew exactly what had to be done to keep her alive.

Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter 28

Lightning took over the sky with thunderous roars erupting in their ears. The clouds weren’t threatening with rain or an oncoming storm. The wind wasn’t picking up nor were the ocean’s waves getting more intense. It was strangely calm during the bright flashes of light.

Sam continued her struggle against the tight grip of the pirate’s hand. She managed to free her right arm and dug her fingernails into the skin of his arm still clasping on. She clawed him enough to break the skin and blood began trickling down, but he still held on. She glanced to the sword fight for a short moment and her heart raced faster.

Darrick was able to block another blow coming from Flint. He held the sword with shaky hands, feeling weaker by the minute. He was short of breath and knew he wouldn’t last much longer. The gash on his arm still bled and the pain radiated through his entire body.

Flint stood strong, cracking his neck from side to side. He saw that his opponent was wavering and soon he would fall. Then he’d get the chance to make the last strike and Sam would be his forever.

He stepped closer to Darrick and took another swing which was blocked, “You’re getting tired, boy. You might as well give up and let fate take its course.”

Darrick shook his head, swung the blade wildly through the air, and said, “I’ll die before I ever give up.”

Flint laughed and stepped out of range so Darrick couldn’t hit him. Darrick sliced the air again with his sword, spinning around with his arms. Flint stepped back and Darrick missed once more, but this time Flint struck his back with the handle of the sword. Darrick cried out in pain and dropped to his knees. Flint kicked him down and the sword slipped from his grasp. Before Darrick could reach for it, another pirate kicked it away.

Flint laughed deeper and moved to stand in front of the boy, “It looks like you’ll be dying sooner than you think.”

Sam pried on the pirate’s fingers until his grip finally loosened. Before he could grab onto her again, she slammed her elbow into his gut and dashed away. She pushed through the crowd, moving away from the fight. She stole something from a fat man’s belt, he didn’t notice, and she got away.

Darrick stared at the shiny blade mere inches from his face. Sweat beaded on his forehead and he awaited what was to come. He searched the faces for Sam, only so he could see her one last time. She wasn’t there and he began to wonder where she went.

A loud whistle burst through the air, catching the attention of the pirates, including Flint. Everyone spun around and faced the cause of the noise. Sam stood on the railing of the ship, appearing strong and beautiful. She held something in her hand, pressing the barrel of it to the right side of her head.

Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter 27

Darrick raised the sword over his head just in time to stop the blow coming from Flint’s blade. The steel clanked together, the sound echoed through the air all around them. His heart was pounding harder than he’d ever felt as he stared into the eyes of a man wanting to kill him.

It took all of his strength to push Flint away. The man stammered back a pace or two then laughed at the fear he saw on the boy’s face. He brought the sword up and sliced it through the air once more.

Darrick saw the move coming and jumped backwards to get out of range. He heard the sword cutting the air mere inches from his chest. He tightened his grip on his weapon and swallowed the fear rising in his throat. He took an angry step forward and swung the sword like a baseball bat.

Flint blocked the hit with his sword and threw a return. The blade struck Darrick’s arm, slicing a long gash into his skin. He grunted from the pain, but fought through it. He glanced at his arm and saw the blood, then his eyes drifted to Sam.

There were tears in her eyes as she struggled against the pirates grip. She pried at his fingertips but to no avail. Darrick knew he had to win for her.

Lightning lit up the clouds in the sky, scattering across the heavens like a spider web. Sam looked up and saw the familiarities between that lightning and what they saw the night before the pirates showed up. She had a feeling that they might be connected. She struggled harder against the grip of the giant man while Flint and Darrick fought for their lives.

“I have to stop this.” Sam whispered to herself and her mind jumped into action.

The Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter 18

Darrick was once again shoved into the old storage room with only Jonah for company. He leaned against one of the barrels of gun powder and listened to Jonah whistle a song he didn’t recognize. He tried tuning out the sound, but it seemed to only add a certain depressing soundtrack to the thoughts bubbling in his mind.

He saw the look on her face as she tiptoed across the deck, searching for him. She didn’t pay any attention to the pirates looming on deck or bother checking to make sure the captain wasn’t out that late. Darrick could tell by the look of determination on her face that she was only on deck to find him. He had no idea how their encounter would have went if Flint hadn’t gotten in the way. Things could have gone horribly for both of them, but he knew Sam was willing to take the risk.

The ship hit a rough tide and Darrick had to hold onto the barrel in order to keep his balance. The sound of the waves hitting against the sides of the ship were like thunder rolling in the clouds in the sky. He couldn’t wait to get off that ship and be back in his apartment in the crappy town he suddenly missed. He knew that as long as Sam was with him, he could tolerate even the worst parts of Hardwood.

“You sure are thinking a lot over there. Care to talk about it?” Jonah asked.

Darrick sighed and stepped away from the barrel, “We have to get out of here.”

“Like I don’t know that.” was the response.

“I mean, we really need to. If we don’t get off this ship before the captain kills me or strands me on some deserted island, Sam’s life will be in danger. I have to save her.” Darrick stated.

Jonah pushed himself up from the short stool he was seated upon and said, “How do you expect we do that? We are locked in a damn storage room where they keep gun powder and rum. Unless you think getting drunk off our asses will do the trick, we got nothing to work with.”

Darrick shook his head and ran his fingers through his tangled hair. He tried thinking of the dozens of pirate films he had seen in his life, hoping that one of them would grant him with some spark of a good idea.

Suddenly, he raised his head and marched across the room to Jonah, “We have everything we need to work with right here.” He put his hands on Jonah’s shoulders and shook him gently. “We can get out of this room and take charge of the ship in order to get off of it.”

Jonah raised an eyebrow out of confusion and said, “What the hell are you talking about?”

“The gun powder. All it takes is one spark and it could cause quite an explosion. If we do it just right, we can scare the shit out of the captain long enough to get my friends and get off this thing.” Darrick explained.

A smile crept its way across Jonah’s lips as he spoke, “Brilliant! I don’t know why I never thought of that.”

Darrick smiled as well and took a step back. He admired the barrels of gun powder stacked against the far wall of the room. He would have just one shot to make a stand and he had to make it count.

Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter 17

Midnight arrived. The steady rocking of the ship on the ocean eased Sarah and Rusty into a deep slumber. Rusty held her in his arms on the captain’s comfortable bed and their quiet snores filled the cabin.

Sam stared through the window at the moon’s reflection the water. Everything was quiet and serene. She couldn’t hear the crewmen working or anybody wandering above deck. The captain was elsewhere on the ship, he didn’t specify where exactly he’d be, but he wasn’t in the room with her.

She looked to her sleeping friends and took a deep, nervous breath in. They seemed so peaceful with their eyes closed and their minds taking them to a better place known as dreamland. As quietly as she could, Sam stood from the chair and tiptoed across the floor to the door. She wrapped her fingers around the knob and slowly twisted until the latch was released and the door swung open. She glanced at her friends once more before stepping into the empty corridor.

The hall was lit only by three candle sconces on the wall. The glass covers were cracked but they held together through the rocking of the ship. They lit the hallway enough for Sam to see as she quickly moved to the stairs to go above deck.

Darrick was out there somewhere, she was sure of it. She needed to find him and see that he was okay. Sneaking out in the middle of the night on a ship where she didn’t know her bearings wasn’t ideal, but she couldn’t just sit around while Darrick suffered because Flint was threatened by him.

The stairs creaked quietly under her feet as she ascended to the deck of the ship. She could hear men’s voices talking amongst themselves and giving orders to someone who never said a word. Sam clung to the wall and poked her head around the corner at the top of the stairs to get a look around.

Three men were standing by the mast drinking from a tall, clear bottle with brown liquid inside. Two others were standing at the bow of the ship, giving orders to a younger man she instantly recognized.

“Darrick.” She whispered, keeping her eyes on him.

They were treating him like a slave, forcing him to do the work they didn’t want to and were laughing about. They pushed him away until he stumbled into the railing and caught himself. Then the pirates walked to their friends by the mast and joined in the rum drinking.

Sam took this short opportunity to make a run for Darrick. She waited till the men weren’t looking, then stepped into the moonlight and speed across the deck toward Darrick.

Flint came out of nowhere, appearing before her like he knew she was coming, “What are you doing out here at such a late hour, darling?”

Sam opened her mouth to soak but her eyes were staring at Darrick. He noticed what was going on and was about to approach the situation. Flint had a gun and a sword attached to a belt at his waist which he had easy access to. He could take Darrick out in a second and Sam couldn’t let that happen.

“I was looking for you. I saw how beautiful the moon was on the ocean and wanted to see it with you.” She replied, speaking to the captain.

Darrick watched and listened. He saw how nervous she was and wanted to save her. He was at a disadvantage and would wind up killed in the process.

Flint smiled at Sam and said, “It is wonderful being at sea this time of night. The stars are even brighter out here. But they cannot match the beauty you bring to my world.”

Sam forced a smile to her lips and said, “Then let’s stare up at the stars and let the wonder if this night take over.”

Darrick’s heart was beating nervously as he watched Flint take Sam’s hand in his and walked to the railing in the opposite side of the ship. Sam glanced over her shoulder and caught Darrick’s eye. He needed to save her soon or else his time on the ship would run out.

Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter 15

Darrick was shoved into a room with no windows and only a few candles for light. It smelled musty and dirty, wooden barrels were stacked ceiling high along one wall and clear bottles of rum were placed nearly on a few shelves in the corner. The barrels were marked as gun powder and there were a lot of them.

His orders from the captain were to separate the empty barrels from the full ones. He knew it was a redundant yet laboring task, but he didn’t dare question it. The captain already wanted a reason to kill him before making it to shore and he needed to find a way to get Sam before that happened.

The large door was closed and Darrick could hear the guard standing just on the other side of it. There was another man in the room with him. He was older and his clothes were ratty and torn. His long, greasy hair swept against his shoulders as he approached the new slave.

“Name’s Jonah, who are you?” The young man spoke in almost perfect English.

“Umm, Darrick.”

“You don’t look like a pirate.” Jonah started, moving his eyes up and down Darrick’s form.

“That’s because I’m not one. My friends and I were out sailing and ran into a lightning storm. We ended up here and the captain captured us.” Darrick replied.

“Aah, the infamous lightning.” Jonah said, turning away from Darrick. “She does have a way of changing things, doesn’t she.”

“You know what I’m talking about?” Darrick quickly followed him to a shelf filled with rum.

Jonah nodded, “Indeed I do. I’ve seen those storms all to often. They catch the unexpected and hurl them into the unknown. How do you think I got here?”

Darrick ran his fingers through his tangled hair and shook his head, “Do you know how we get back? How to get to our own time?”

Jonah stared long and hard at Darrick. He was contemplating the answer in his head. He reached fire a half empty bottle of rum and pulled the cork from it. The glass his hit lips and he nearly finished the drink in one swig.

“If I tell ya, what’s in it for me?” Jonah asked, setting the bottle on the shelf.

Darrick shrugged and replied, “I don’t have any money, but you could come with us. You tell me how to get back where we belong and we’ll take you as well.”

Jonah laughed, “You would take a complete stranger back to your time without question?”

Darrick reluctantly nodded, “Yeah.”

“Alright,” Jonah said with a sigh, “Going through time is actually the easy part. Another lightning storm will come along eventually. It’s the waiting that could kill you.”

“How long?”

“There’s no saying, boy. The storm that brought you was the first I’ve seen in two years.” Jonah replied.

Darrick’s heart sunk and he felt add though his while life was over. He’d never get to see his parents again or his other friends. The job he hated was suddenly missed and his future was over.

“However,” Jonah continued, “there was a time where those storms were more frequent than I had ever seen. I used to track them and was there waiting for the treasures it brought me.”

“How often did the storms come then?” Darrick asked, sounding hopeful.

Jonah shrugged, “You’d still have to wait, but the lightning used to arrive once a month. If it happens like that again, you’ll be lucky. But you’ll need a plan to get you and your friends on a separate boat or ship and sail into the lightning or you’ll be doomed to wait even longer. Understand?”


“Good, now follow me we have a lot of work to do down here.” Jonah ordered.