Release of The Main Event: Book 3 of The Human Race

The day has finally come! The third and final book in The Human Race trilogy is out for purchase on Kindle as well as in print.

Bridget’s world is completely shattered. With Ryder gone, she no longer has anything to live for. Trevor has the cure now and with it he plans to rule the world. There is nothing she can do to stop him and the sadness is forcing her to be weak.

Depression is looming inside of her, taking over the very part of her that wants to survive. She finds herself wanting death as her mind goes over every painful memory of the great life she once had. The pain from those memories becomes too much and she wills herself to forget it all.

By forgetting her life, she lets loose the monster that dwells in her unbeating heart. It knows nothing of her past and only plans for the future it needs to survive through.



My First Book Signing Coming Up

I am getting so excited and nervous. In about a week and a half I’ll be doing my very first book signing with The Human Race. I’m hoping to see a few fans of the vampire/zombie genre there. My nephew’s elementary school hosts this thing called a vendor blender and there will be about 30 other people selling things (jewelry, food, candles, and whatnot) and even one other author, which is super awesome. Kinda nice knowing I’m not the only one in my home town.

I’m not worried about anything going wrong, I’m just worried about running out of books, which would be both good yet a little bad at the same time. I just don’t want to let anyone down who goes there for my book. My mom will be with me and I’m hoping she takes an awesome picture of me signing the very first one of the day. Can’t wait to post how things go and I already can’t wait to do another one.


Hello again everyone. I’ve decided to do a giveaway for my book on goodreads. From now until April 8th you can enter for your chance to win a signed, paperback copy of The Human Race. There is only one of these that I’m giving away at this time. So, if you’re into the zombie/vampire/apocalyptic genre, follow the link below and check it out!!

Today Only…

Well it’s time again to do another free giveaway of the kindle version of The Human Race. You can download your copy for free today only or purchase the paperback copy if you want to go that route. The reviews are pretty good so far and I’d like to keep the good rep going. So, check it out and leave a review if you’d like.

Have a wonderful Sunday!! 🙂

Now In Paperback

My book, The Human Race, is now available to purchase in paperback. Pretty exciting being able to hold my book in my hands and know it is something I put together. I’m still working on the sequel and hoping to have that published this year. Also working on some other projects of mine that I’ve had finished for awhile so I might have something else out there as well.
You can order a copy of my book on Amazon by following the link below!!

Lord Firebird: a relative’s novel

Now I’m not the only self published or indie author I know. I would like to share an in law’s book with all of you today. It’s available on kindle and also in print. I have the privilege of taking with the author whenever I want and she is wonderful as well as her very first novel, Lord Firebird, by J F MacCrimmon. You can check it out by following the link below.