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Spare Parts

Good morning world! I’ve updated my series on Channillo. Chapter Six is now available for your reading enjoyment. Check it out if you enjoy a good, young adult dystopian with some science fiction thrown in the mix.


Good morning world!

Chapter 4 of my Channillo series, Spare Parts, is now available for your reading pleasure.


Book Review: The Plantation

Written by Stella Samiotou Fitzsimons

This is the first book in The Plantation series and it was a good one. I was hooked right off the bat and found it hard to put my kindle down at times. It starts out a bit slow, but once it picks up the pace it’s great. This was a quick read and I’d recommend it to anyone into the young adult, action/adventure, dystopian types of books.

It takes place in the future after an alien race takes over the planet. They enslave the human race (naturally) and put the teenagers in these prison camps called the Plantations. A few of the kids escape and join together in hopes of rising up against the aliens and win back the planet. They call themselves the Saviors.

Freya is the main character in this book and she believes that she has no special abilities to add to the Saviors. She isn’t as strong as the others but she isn’t one to stand down when there’s a fight coming along. She narrarates this story, telling all about the plantations and the family she was forced to leave behind. Her best friend, Finn, sticks by her side, telling her that one day they’ll be able to show their worth and fight against the aliens, hoping to make a difference. All fo the Saviors want more to join them and start a revolution to send the aliens back to the hell they came from.

Of course this book wouldn’t be as interesting if something bad didn’t happen to the heroes. They get forced from their camp and cornered down by the aliens. And this is where I must stop or else I will spoil the entire thing. I am most definitely not one to ruin a book by doing that.

So, I’ll leave you with a link to download your very own copy of The Plantation and enjoy it just as much as I have.


Pirates Of Hardwood

Chapter 22

Darrick heard the commotion and the fighting just outside the door. Men were screaming for their lives and gunshots blasted through the air. His heart pounded hard in his chest as he stood beside Jonah and stared at the wooden door that was open half an inch.

The force from the explosion was enough to break the lock on the door which gave them a chance at freedom. The violence and death coming from the other parts of the ship were enough to hold them in place.

Darrick’s hands were shaking and he jumped at the sound of a cannon blast. He turned to Jonah whose nervous eyes were twitching back and forth. A shrill scream interrupted the silence between them and Darrick’s mind shot into action. There was something familiar about that scream.

“Sam!” He shouted and his feet ran toward the door.

Jonah followed quickly behind him. Darrick pulled the door open and rushed into the madness before them. Men were scrambling to get to the cannons while trying not to get shot in the process. Another explosion shook the ship back and forth and Darrick held onto a support beam to keep his balance.

He held on for a short moment then located the stairs that would take him up top. With his heart pounding, he heard the ear splitting scream echo through the ship once more before he and Jonah sprinted to the stairs. Darrick skipped two at a time until he burst through another door and stepped foot on the deck and into an all-out war between pirates.

He ducked out of the way of bullets and the many angry men that covered the deck. He spotted the captain arguing with a woman and the second he saw her face, he stopped running.

There was something familiar about her. The waves of her brown hair and the dimples on her cheeks. She looked just like the girl he was falling for but he knew she just couldn’t be Sam. With her menacing apparel and eyes so dark with black makeup, Darrick knew she couldn’t possibly be his Sam.

“Let go of me.” He heard a woman’s voice and he quickly turned his attention to a few dark men dragging an angry Sam toward her pirate doppelganger.

Darrick balled his hands into fists, gritted his teeth and mentally prepared himself for what would happen next.

The Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter Seven

Sarah screamed when the first of seven large men hit the deck of their small boat. These trespassers were clad in attire they have never seen before. Their clothes were torn and stained, matching their skin. Swords were in the hands of some, small pistols in the hands of others. They hooted and hollered, speaking with an accent that was barely understandable. They ran across the deck, two disappeared down below while the rest of them surrounded the group of friends.

“Pirates.” Sam whispered as she moved closer to Darrick and held onto his hand with fear coursing through her veins.

Darrick squeezed her hand and kept his eyes on the savages before him. The tallest one of the group, with a patch over his eye and a completely bald head, stepped forward, forcing the four of them to huddle together. Weapons were aimed at their necks and faces and one of the pirates spat at Rusty’s feet. Sarah whimpered as tears fell from her eyes and held onto Rusty so tight, she thought she could feel the blood flowing through his veins.

“Look what we have here.” The tall man spoke with a very thick, English accent.

“Aye, should we kill ‘em?” a fat one without a shirt called out, raising a dagger above his head.

Darrick could feel Sam shivering against him. The fat one was closest to her and it would just take one swing and she would be done for. Darrick brought her even closer to him, hiding her behind him as best as he could to shield her from whatever blow that might come. The fat pirate laughed, black spit soaring from his rotten mouth. His teeth were nonexistent and his breath smelled worse than fowl.

“What the hell do you want?” Darrick shouted, sounding less brave than he felt.

A crash came from below deck, followed by the sounds of rummaging and stealing. The tall one with the patch moved closer to Darrick, glaring at the boy at his attempt of being a hero. Patch lifted his sword and ran his finger over the sharp edge of the blade. Sam closed her eyes and gripped both hands on Darrick’s arm.

“You ain’t from ‘round here.” The tall one spoke slowly, leaning his face closer to Darrick.

“They dressed all funny, Horse.” This voice came from a younger one, eyeballing Rusty’s outfit.

The one he called Horse, with the patch over his eye, scoped them out one by one. His eyes passed over their strange clothing and could see the fear seeping from them. A smile crossed his blackened lips and he stopped moving directly in front of Sam. She opened her eyes, forcing the terrified tears to stay hidden behind them. Horse moved his eyes up and down her body, taking in the beauty that radiated from her.

“We’ll take ‘em to the Captain. He’ll want to see dis one.” Horse said, motioning to Sam.

The pirates sheathed their swords and whatever weapons they were wielding. The fat one reached his flabby arms out, wrapping his sausage-like fingers around Rusty’s arm and pulled him away from Sarah. Another one grabbed onto her hair and tugged her toward the ship. Horse latched his hand on Sam’s wrist and yanked her away from Darrick while he was being pulled away by a dark skinned man with dreadlocks and a scar under his left eye.

“Sam!” he shouted, trying to get his voice to carry over the pirates grunting.

Horse held on tight to the struggling Sam, holding her body against his. She was breathing so fast, she couldn’t control it. Her eyes were wide open, focusing on Darrick as he was being taken to a different rope to the deck of the pirate ship. She heard him calling out for her, screaming her name, but she couldn’t get away. She couldn’t reach him no matter how hard she tried to free herself from Horse’s strong grip.

Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter Four

They set sail, leaving the pier and the worries of the work week behind them. No more thinking about what they needed to get done at the shop or figuring out what to do next. The four of them were on the ocean, enjoying the salty breeze and the warm sun hitting against their skin.

Sarah was wearing a yellow bikini top with a pair of black shorts that were skin tight. Her hair was pulled back into a tight pony tail and she laid on a padded chair on the deck to get a tan. Rusty was busy navigating, trying to make sure they don’t end up getting lost. His father taught him everything he knew about sailing so he was pretty confident with his abilities to control the small yacht.

Darrick stood at the railing, wearing nothing but a pair of navy blue swim trunks that tied around his waist. He peered over the top of his sunglasses and watched Sam as she applied sun screen to her pale arms and neck. He could tell she wasn’t the type for being on the ocean or doing much sailing at all. He was surprised to see her change out of her jeans and put on a pair of shorts that showed off her long, white legs. She wasn’t very tan but she did have a line on her upper arms indicating that she did get out in the sun once in a while.

Sam approached the railing and let a smile cross her lips as she met eyes with Darrick. He could feel her scoping out his muscular chest and stomach, lingering at the hair just above the tie on his shorts. He was checking her out as well, trying not to make it noticeable that he was staring at the cleavage poking out of her tank top. She was definitely not what he expected when Sarah said her friend would be joining them.

“Having fun yet?” he asked, leaning against the railing.

She faked a laugh and replied, “Oh, of course,” a bit too sarcastically, “I really just can’t wait to start drinking.”

Darrick chuckled, “Yeah, same here.”

The boat went over a slight wave and Sam had to grip onto the railing in order to keep herself from falling backwards. She held on tight and Darrick could see a hint of fear in her eyes.

“You alright?” he asked, feeling genuinely concerned.

She nodded her head, then stood up straight, “Yeah, like I said, I’ll be good once we start drinking.”

“Then maybe we shouldn’t wait too much longer to get that started.” Darrick replied.

Sam loosened her grip on the railing and passed him a smile.

The Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter Three

The weekend came too quickly . Rusty and Sarah were already at the pier Saturday around noon, preparing his father’s miniature yacht for their overnight venture out to sea. Darrick was running late, as usual. He had always been the kind of person to show up late, even for things he planned. Sarah’s good friend, Sam, was late as well, but Sarah knew she wouldn’t bail on her.

Rusty was loading up the last cooler with beer and sodas for their trip. He made sure the boat was fueled up and ready to go and that the small refrigerator in the cabin was stocked full of food for their meals. Sarah was locking up their dark green SUV when a white pickup pulled into the parking space next to it. She rolled her eyes as Darrick climbed out of the drivers’ seat. He walked around to the back of the truck and grabbed a small, blue cooler filled with more beer and a few snacks he couldn’t live without, chocolate bars and peanut butter. He also grabbed a small overnight bag with a spare change of clothes and his swim trunks.

“Is your friend here yet?” he asked, after slamming the tailgate closed on his truck.

Sarah shook her head and walked with him to the dock where Rusty was waiting, “Not yet, but she’ll be here. She’s not the kind of person to ditch me at the last minute, even when a guy like you is involved.”

“That’s not very nice, Sarah. I’m always a gentlemen when meeting new ladies.” Darrick said with a sly smile.

“I don’t believe that for a second.”

Darrick picks up the pace and rushes to get onboard with Rusty. He takes the cooler down to the living quarters and stacks it on top of the other cooler. He turns around and stares at the tiny space. There are only two cots set up as bunk beds and they are barely big enough for one person. Rusty’s father mainly uses the boat for fishing but it is big enough to host a small party whenever Rusty feels the need to do so. Darrick stared at the small mattresses and was already coming up with a different place to sleep. There was not a chance he would share that small of a bed with a girl he didn’t know.

He set his overnight bag by the beds and walked back up the short flight of stairs to the deck. Rusty was standing behind the wheel, making sure everything was good to go. Sarah was standing by his side, her left hand rubbing his shoulder as she nuzzled against him. To Darrick’s left was the ocean that went on for miles. He’d spend many a night watching the sunset from the pier with a different girl each time. To his right was the dock and he walked to the railing and stared downward.

A dark blue sports car was parked in the space beside his truck. He’s never seen it before but he loved the look of the car. The paint was sparkling in the sunlight and the windows were all tinted dark. A young woman with wavy brown hair, wearing jeans and a red t-shirt, was walking up the dock. She had a duffel bag hanging over her shoulder and a pair of Aviator sunglasses covering her eyes. She was gorgeous and Darrick couldn’t help but check her out as she climbed aboard the small yacht.

“Sam!” Sarah shouted and ran to greet her friend with a tight embrace. “I was wondering when you’d get here.”

“Well,” Sam spoke through a mouthful of Sarah’s hair, “you know I’m not a fan of sailing or anything, but I couldn’t just leave you alone with two guys. Who knows what the hell would happen.”

Sarah pulled herself away from her and turned toward Darrick, “Sam this is Rusty’s best friend Darrick. He’s the guy I was telling you about.”

Sam looked Darrick up and down, relieved to see that he was good looking and not what she was expecting to see, “Nice to meet you.”

Darrick smiled and said, “Same here. You don’t look like the type of girl Sarah would hang out with.”

Sam shrugged, “That’s only because I’m awesome.”

She strolled away from him and headed below deck with Sarah. Rusty immediately started the engine, now that everyone was onboard and ready to go. He didn’t bother waiting to check with them first, before he untied the boat and head out for sea.

The Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter Two

Sarah was boiling water for spaghetti noodles when Rusty walked through the front door of their apartment. He could smell her cooking before he even made it to the door and instantly his mouth began to water. She was adding the noodles to the water and he approached her from behind and wrapped his arms around her waist. His lips went to her neck and started to kiss her, getting a few strands of her blonde hair in the process.

“Someone’s in a good mood tonight.” Sarah stated, in her ever-pleasant tone of voice.

“I get to come home to you every day, how could I not be in a good mood.” Rusty replied.

“How was work?”

He gave her one last kiss on the cheek, then backed away from her and said, “Boring. Darrick and I mostly hung out in the office watching the cars drive by instead of coming to the shop.”

“Oh, I’m sorry babe. I had a great day with the kids and everyone. We got a few new ones enrolled today, so I’ll be managing my own room here soon.” Sarah said.

Rusty smiled and opened the refrigerator for a can of his favorite cola, “That’s great. You don’t have plans for this weekend, do you?”

She shook her head, “None that I can think of.”

“Good,” he closed the door to the fridge then walked to the cupboard to get dishes for their dinner, “I’m going to ask dad if we can take the boat out. Darrick wants to go and I figured you could ask one of your girlfriends to be his date.”
Sarah rolled her eyes and turned away from the pans on the stove. She put a hand on her hip and gave him one of her famous how-dare-you stares. The very thought of being trapped on a small boat with Darrick gave her chills and she couldn’t bring one of her friends along to suffer as well.

“Can’t it just be the two of us?” she asked.
Rusty shrugged, “I’m sorry, it was his idea.”

“Then which friend of mine were thinking about torturing this weekend? Darrick doesn’t exactly make a good first impression.” Sarah said.

“I was thinking about Sam. She’s outgoing just like he is and maybe they’d hit it off.” Rusty replied.

She shook her head then turned back to the noodles. She stirred them around in the pot, letting them get soggy in the boiling water. She turned up the heat for the sauce and stirred that as well.

“I really don’t think Sam would be interested in Darrick. She’s weird, but not that weird.” Sarah finally said.
“I know, but all of your other friends would hate him. I don’t really want him to feel like the third wheel and I promised him a date with a cool chick. Will you at least just ask Sam if she’d go?” Rusty asked.

With the wooden spoon in her grasp as she mixed the meat in with the red sauce, she thought about the idea of hooking one of her good friends up with a guy she can’t stand. Most of her hated the idea of forcing Sam to spend time with Darrick, but bringing her along might mean that he’d spend less time with Rusty so the two of them could have some alone time out at sea.

“Fine, I’ll text her later and see if she wants to go with us. Sailing isn’t really her thing, but she does like hot, meat headed guys sometimes.” Sarah said with a hint of annoyance to her voice.

Rusty put his hands on her shoulders and began to rub them, “Thank you babe. I promise that this weekend will be the best one of your life and you’ll never forget it.”

She planted a kiss on his lips and said, “You better be right otherwise you owe me something amazing.”