A Sign of the End

I decided it was time to go through some of my old stories I have saved to my computer. I found this one which I wrote for my Creative Writing class in high school, I believe it was my junior year. Not surprised at how crazy my mind was back then when I came up with this little story. Anyways…hope you all enjoy!

Sign of the End

An evening just like every other evening with birds chirping their beautiful songs in the darkening sky. The sun was setting with rays of orange, red, and gold off in the horizon. Just a typical evening with no excitement to bother anyone in town. I couldn’t help but think of that evening while I sat alone in my hospital bed clinging to every last ounce of breath in my body.

That evening, I was walking down the street, headed to my house as the sky was growing heavy with darkness. The stars were beginning to shine through the sun’s fading rays and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Everyone was inside getting ready for bed and I was on my way home from a long day at work.

A dog crossed my path and sat down in front of me. Nothing special, just a mutt. A small brown and black spotted dog with long shaggy hair that nearly covered his eyes. He gave me a puzzled look and I returned the favor with a smile. He laid his ears back and yawned as though his whole life were a bore. Then out of nowhere he spoke to me clear as day. I remember the exact words the little dog said and I will never forget his voice. The deep voice that will forever haunt my dreams.

“Did you know that everything in your life is a complete and total lie?” he stated.

I raised an eyebrow, without acting too surprised, I replied with a question, “Why on Earth would you think that?”

“Well, if you were to live the life of a dog, especially one like myself, then you would understand why I think that.” was his reply.

A confused expression crossed my face and I continued my walk home. As I passed the dog, he stood up and walked by my side. I could not think of any reason why he would do that, but I did know that as long as he was friendly to me then he could follow me wherever I went. He stayed close to my side and did not say one word until we got to the front steps of my house.

“Wait.” he said as I was beginning to walk up the stairs.

I stopped and turned to look at his emotionless face with his eyes so full of loneliness, “I would very much like to speak with you more this evening.” he said. “There is much I need to tell in a very short amount of time.”

I shrugged my shoulders, “Come sit with me and I will listen to everything you wish to say.”

A smile crossed his face and his tongue fell out of his mouth in excitement. I sat down on the porch steps and watched as the shaggy dog sat on the concrete in front of me. I looked into his eyes and his age became clear to me. He’s an old man for a dog, at least fifteen years old.

“So, do all animals talk just like you?” I asked, breaking the silence.

He nodded his head with his ears flopping up and down, “We all do, just like you. You humans are just too busy to pay attention to what we have to say.”

I smiled and chuckled a bit then said, “Then why are you talking to me?”

The dog stood up and began to pace back and forth before me and I watched his every movement. I would guess that he was thinking of a smart enough response to my question. Or maybe I should already know the answer and he must be talking to me because I was the only person that would dare cross his path. Then, finally, he spoke and he spoke fast.

“Well, my friend, I have chosen you to share my life stories with for I am afraid I am nearing the end of my days. I had high hopes that you would one day stop and talk to me and take me home for your very own friend, but I fear that I have waited too long to approach you. You see, I have been watching you for some time now and I notice how much of a lonely man you are and I’ve always longed to be your one true friend. The one person you could tell everything to no matter what.”

Silence broke the air once more as I sifted through my mind for something wise to say. I never thought in all my life that a talking dog would want to be my friend and how could he ever know what kind of man I really was. I know I was not the world’s best person and that I would never get anything achieved for success in my life. But maybe this new friend of mine would be there to make that success happen and bring me a hint of good luck.

I finally said, “Well, I would be honored to have you as a friend and you can live here in my house with me for the rest of your long days.”

He sighed and lowered his head, “I am afraid that this could be my last day and I will venture into the unknown place of ‘doggy heaven’ as you humans like to call it. I would love to be your friend until that time comes and goes.” he said with half a smile.

I wondered how this kind of animal could ever know when his days are growing short or how he could know this would be his last day on Earth. But I ignored his comment of death and patted his soft head with my hand. This was our agreement that we would remain friends until he was no more. The dog licked my hand and took a long sniff of air in his cold, wet nose. I followed his move and could smell the sweet scent of an apple pie that was freshly made sitting on the window sill of the neighbor’s house.

“So, what kind of life stories are you planning on telling me, my friend?” I asked as I exhaled air from my nose.

The dog laughed louder than ever and his laughter echoed through the neighborhood and down the streets, “I have traveled far and wide to find you and now that I have, the only story I have to share with you is the one of your life and how it ties in with mine. Which is the only reason why I have come this far to find you.”

By this time I was so confused and had no idea what the dog was talking about, “How does your life tie with mine? I don’t think I understand what you are talking about little dog.”

The dog jumped on my lap and stared in my eyes and said, “Well, you and I are one and without you I would be of no existence and without me you are nothing. Which is why I had to come here and tell you that my days are soon coming to an unfortunate end. Us dogs cannot live as long as you humans and since you and I are tied in as one, your life too is coming to an end and soon we will be nothing.”

“But how can I stop this from happening. I don’t want my life to come to an end.” I said as I was beginning to believe the words this dog was telling me.

“You can’t. No one can stop death from happening. But we can warn those who are nearing an end.”

“And how do you know that I am nearing an end?” I asked.

His eyes were filled with so much agony and sorrow as he spoke, “Something terrible is coming your way. It will end my life much faster than it will yours. That is what’s wrong with you humans, always finding ways to cure the impossible. Maybe one day you will wise up and live the life you were given and go through all of the hardships that are put in place for you.”

He jumped off my lap and walked across the driveway with his small tail swinging back and forth. I watched as he strode carelessly into the street without checking for cars. Music was blaring out of someone’s truck as they sped down the middle of the road.

I stood quickly and shouted, “Look out!” but it was much too late.

I was frozen on the porch as the unmistakable thud echoed through the neighborhood. The truck didn’t even stop after the accident. My eyes were glued to the little dog. The way he lie motionless in the middle of the street was giving me a heavy heart. Then my hands went numb and cold tears came to my eyes. I felt a strange tingling feeling throughout my body. I thought at first it was the shock of watching an innocent animal die right in front of me. But I was wrong.

My heart was beating incredibly hard in my chest. My breathing soon became difficult. I carefully reached into my pocket and pulled out my small, black cell phone. My numb fingers slowly dialed 911. I attempted to put the phone against my ear but a sharp, stabbing pain went shooting up my spine. My legs grew weak and I fell face first onto the concrete. I could hear the faint sound of a woman’s voice on the phone. I groaned for help, praying I was loud enough for her to hear me. Luckily I was loud enough. I heard her voice telling me to hold on, that help was on the way. Unfortunately everything faded to black before that help came to me.

I awoke in this hospital bed a few moments ago. I have no recollection of what time or day it is. I could barely breathe and my heart felt like it was not beating. My eyes moved slowly and I could see all of the life support machines that were attached to my body. The little dog was right. We do try to prevent death when we should just let the inevitable take its course.

Beauty and the What?!

Installment 23

Another window breaks from somewhere else in the house. Sally jumps and let a slight gasp escape her throat. She turns around and sees shards of glass lying on the floor in the kitchen. It’s obvious the men on the outside are trying to scare them out of the house.

She turns ahead of her again, staring at the back of the beast. He’s so calm, yet so menacing at the same time. She can see a human side surfacing in his appearance and, to her, that’s enough to get her to know he’s not evil. He’s not the monster everyone in town has told her about. The looks she sees are not enough to change the minds of the people standing outside the house. If anything, it could make them even angrier. They could wind up killing him all because they are too afraid to let him show them how human he truly is.

The window in the living room smashes out entirely, sending pieces of glass shooting through the room. She quickly covers her head and her hair with her arms. The beast stands strong, watching what these people are doing to his home.

“Come on out, Sally!” Anson’s voice fills the air one more time. “I don’t want to have to come in there shooting. You know we will!”

She knows he’s right. All the men in town talk about how they can’t wait for the day to hang the beast’s head over their mantel. She can’t let that happen. She doesn’t want to see that happen and if she doesn’t give them what they want, it just might.

She steps closer to him and places a hand on his shoulder, “Don’t attack them.”

“What?” he growls.

“I don’t want to see them hurt you. I’ll go with them and figure out a way to show them you’re not bad. I can get them to see you’re a good person at heart.” She replies. “Just let me do this and I promise things will be okay.”

He stares at her for a moment then, against his heart, he nods his head and lets her go.

Beauty and the What?!

Installment # 22

The beast walks through his house. The same as he’s done for the last ten years. The same places in the floor creak under his feet as he walks into the living room. Things just don’t feel the same. He’s never had to stand up for something he wants. Never had to do defend his property and especially never had to fight for a woman who has feelings for him. He honestly never thought he’d have that happen in this lifetime.

There is glass on the living room floor surrounding a small brick. The tattered curtains billow in and out of the newly created hole in the window. He stares at what has been done to his home. Those men out there, they are there to destroy him. They are there to take back what they think he stole from them. He can see them standing on his grass in his yard. He might be the creature who trespasses on their properties every night, but they are on his turf now. This is where he makes the rules.

“What are you going to do?” Sally’s soft voice asks from behind him.

Without turning to face her, he simply states, “Whatever I have to in order to keep what’s happening to me.”